3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Face Shields in Public

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Face Shield in Davao

According to a study done by the University of the Philippines-Philippine General hospital,”wearing both a face mask and a face shield, on top of practicing social distancing can reduce the chances of transmitting or contracting the virus by as much as 99 percent.” This is the reason why on August 7, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board issued Memorandum Circular No. 2020-33 which requires PUV drivers, conductors, and passengers to wear a full face shield along with a face mask. As stated in the memorandum, those who fail to comply will not  be allowed to ride in the PUV starting August 15, 2020. 

Since this is a national provision, wearing face masks and face shields in Davao is a must too. While there are many who claim that this is simply too much, we must remember to follow the rules nevertheless. These stringent measures will keep us safe from the virus. With most of our frontliners spent and tired, this is the least we can do to help. Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade even urged passengers not to look at face shields as an added cost or inconvenience, instead, we should see it as one necessary layer of protection against the spread of coronavirus. In fact, to further strengthen this call, here are three reasons why we should wear face shields in public:

It protects the eyes and the entire face from harmful droplets that may carry the virus. An article by Anfinrud, Bax, et. al. on “Could SARS-Cov2 be transmitted via speech droplets?” says that “everytime we utter just a couple of words, we spray thousands of aerosol droplets, which are mostly invincible to the naked eye, into the air in front of us. When someone is infected with a respiratory virus like the one that causes Covid-19, each aerosol droplet can contain thousands of viral particles, each with the potential to infect others nearby who breathe them in.” To put it simply, when used along with a face mask, face shields give us double and more secure protection. Aside from the nose, the virus can also easily enter through our eyes. This is why in most cases, we are reminded that as much as possible, we should avoid touching our nose and eyes. 

Comfortable and innovative to use. Face shields are very easy to use. You simply assemble the pieces together and wear it over your mask. Struggling to wear it over your glasses? There is a simple hack for that! While you piece together your face shields, remove the blue rubbers from the frame, these are the ones who hold together the plastic shield. Next, transfer these blue rubber holders to your glasses, place them exactly where they were placed in their frame. Remove the outer film of the plastic shield so you can easily attach it to your glasses. Make sure to place it carefully so that it won’t come off easily and voila! A face shield you can easily wear despite having your glasses on. With this, you won’t be compromising anything plus, you get to be extra protected against the virus. 

It is a protective gear that can be easily disinfected. Face shields unlike face masks can be reused as long as it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. One way to clean this is to soak it in warm, soapy water with a little bit of mild liquid dish to make sure the soapy water disperses across the whole surface. Gently clean the shield with a soft cloth and rinse it with water. Use disinfectants to make sure you got rid of all the virus. Pat it dry and you can use it again the next time you have to get out of the house. 

With all these safety measures and more people doing their best to obey, the demand for face shields and face masks drastically went up. Do make sure to buy one from a trusted local store in order to ensure the quality of the products. Wondering where to buy face masks and shields in Davao? Make sure to buy face masks and shields online through Instakart Davao. We have been keeping up with your needs through the months. Simply head on to our website and shop covid-must haves, fresh seafood, and even self care products all in one site. Shop away!