3 Things We Learned In the Midst of a Pandemic

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Your safety is our utmost priority. This is the main reason why Instakart, a Davao online grocery, budded to what it is now. We have only opened our doors to you last June and since then, we have been continuously innovating and expanding our services for you. While it is undeniable that the year 2020 may just be one of the hardest years we’ve had, this year also gave us the chance to grow and discover. 

Studies show that humans mostly strive due to routines. This is the way we have survived for all these years. Wake up early, eat breakfast, travel to work or school, come home, sleep, and the cycle repeats again. This is why when the onset of the pandemic suddenly changed everything, most of us were left anxious and unsure of what to do next. We have lost so many things along the way but now more than ever, we have to draw strength in the hope that this too shall pass. After all, a season of loss is a season for growth. With this, we are sharing with you three important lessons  coronavirus taught us along the way. 

Hygiene is important. From doing laundry, buying our groceries, even all the way to preparing meals, coronavirus changed our view when it comes to proper hygiene. These days, cleaning and disinfecting must always go hand in hand. Practicing proper hygiene like not touching our eyes, nose, and mouth, avoiding sneezing and coughing into our hands, maintaining a distance of at least one meter from other people, and frequently washing our hands with soap and water for at least twenty to thirty seconds will help us in our fight against the virus. Along with this comes the practice of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home regularly is an important precaution to lower the risk of infection. With this comes our need for trusted and reliable disinfecting and cleaning products. This is why for the month of July, we were quick to introduce our disinfectant bundles to everyone.

Meal Planning is a smart move. Instakart makes sure to have a meal planning segment at least once a week published in our website. The goal is simple: to guide first time Moms and Dads in the tedious journey of meal planning. This may sound overwhelming but meal planning is actually one of the wisest ways you can do your groceries during this season. Meal planning is the simple act of taking some time to plan your meals for the week. With a menu set out for the entire week, doing groceries will not only be fun, it will be efficient too. 

Stay home and shop online in a trusted grocery to save lives. Everything can now be done online. From paying our bills, submitting an important report, all the way to groceries, there are now many avenues for each. Instakart, with our continuously evolving set of products now offers kitchen and home essentials, fresh meat and seafood, and even all the way to covid must haves like face masks and face shields. These days, the more we go out of our houses, the more we are exposing ourselves to the virus. So in order to be safe, we must stay home and have everything we need via the net. 

We may not know when this will end but we are hopeful that it will be soon. For  the meantime, while you are wondering where to buy online grocery in Davao, do make sure to visit Instakart. With our wide array of products and fast delivery, protecting your family has never been this easy.