5 Neighborly Cleaning Tips to Use at Home

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Cleaning may be a draining task for everyone. But with the onset of the pandemic, it has become a must to do so. Even more important is; we have to do it as often as we can. Admit it-- our homes can be cleaner. There are still corners and edges we haven’t reached and cleaning high-touch areas rarely matter to us before. Indeed, coronavirus changed almost everything today. If before we can get away with just sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, and mopping the floors with water and soap, a more comprehensive way should now be done. Cleaning and disinfecting should now be taken into consideration. 

This does not mean we have to spend more money on fancy disinfectants. This is an opportunity for us to be wiser and more innovative with the way we make our homes spotless and safe. We took the liberty to look for five interesting cleaning hacks shared by people online. This may help you tinkle your way into the kind of cleaning and disinfecting you’d want to apply these days:

  • Maidup says: “Cleaning tip of the day: natural cleaning agents include vinegar and baking soda. If you are allergic or sensitive to chlorine or you prefer to use environmentally friendly products try those on your surfaces for everyday use.”

What is even greater about this is that the baking soda and vinegar mixture also functions as a disinfectant. It will not only keep the surfaces of your home squeaky clean, it will also ensure that most bacterias that have been living on it are eliminated. 

  • Lustrous Cleaning Services says: “Cleaning tip of the day: make your bathroom sparkle. To clean grimy grout, mix ¾ cup household chlorine bleach with one gallon of water and use a stir brush to apply to one small area at a time. (Wear rubber gloves) Let it sit for several minutes then scrub and rise.”

Filipinos always say that the state of one's bathroom represents the entirety of their home. This is because this is the place where we clean ourselves. So in turn, it must be the cleanest place in our houses. Applying bleach will not only lighten the tiles in the bathroom but will also disinfect the place to make it totally clean. 

  • Marc Cruz says: “Adulting tip number one: At this point in life, trying to find Lysol can be difficult. So here is a recipe for success. Ingredients: Spray bottle of your choice (preferred 28 oz), one and a half 16 oz rubbing alcohol, water, and Onguard Essential Oil.  Now you have your own personal disinfectant spray! Enjoy but above all trust in the Lord. He is Yeshua.””

The recipe given by Mr. Cruz is a natural essential oil disinfectant cleaning spray. It is an all-natural, non-toxic powerful cleaner that disinfects, sanitized, and gives a good scent in the house. This is great as a substitution but if Lysol is available near you, it is still a must-have these days. Especially because it is one of the few disinfectants that has been scientifically recognized as effective against coronavirus.

  • Interior Care says: Cleaning Tip: Clean your sponges! FYI: Sponges can pick up a lot of bacteria so make sure you clean them often. How do you clean a sponge? Easy! Soak sponges overnight in a mixture of one cup hot water, ½ cup white vinegar, and 3 tablespoons salt. Rinse, squeeze… and voila! Your sponge is clean.

With dishes piling up every meal and using sponges to wash it all, we tend to overlook that sponges need cleaning too. It’s already soaked in water and soap, what more can it possibly need? The process shared by Interior Care is great for making sure that we do not let any bacteria sit on our food and our utensils. 

  • Jil Oldham says: Cleaning tip for hard water build-up. We have hard water and I hate it. I especially hate the build-up around the faucets. However, there is a simple, inexpensive solution. All you need is vinegar and paper towels! Soak the paper towel with vinegar and wrap it around your faucet. Press (it) into the crevices and let it sit for an hour or so. Check it and add more vinegar if the towel is drying. Leave on for another 30 minutes or so and bam, the buildup is gone with no scrubbing. I use vinegar for lots of things around the house. Vinegar instead of fabric softener works great. It keeps my towels absorbent and no, my clothes don’t smell like vinegar.”

We have included this wise trick since it is very helpful and absolutely cheap! Exactly what we need these days. 

In its entirety, this only means that in our new normal, disinfectant kits are a must-have. This will keep us safe from the virus and bacteria that may compromise our health. In the peak of a pandemic, it is also wiser to buy disinfectant spray online from a local store you can trust. 

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