5 Places You Need to Avoid During a Pandemic

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The information about coronavirus transmission has always been crystal clear to the public. It spreads like other viruses that cause common respiratory illnesses via “droplets” that are excreted by coughing, sneezing, and breathing. Anytime an individual is within close proximity to someone with a coronavirus infection, there’s the potential to spread it through aerosolized droplets. Hence why public health officials, including the Department of Health, suggest limiting exposure through mass gatherings.

All over the globe, most experts agree on one thing: avoid public places. “I do think this is a legitimate way to prevent the spread or try to prevent the spread of the virus,” said Dr. Robin Patel, Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist and president of the American Society for Microbiology. Patel added: “Containment means where there are cases, we need to keep them from spreading so that other people don’t become infected… It’s at those events that people come together, and from the standpoint of transmission, not congregating in that manner does make sense.” With this in mind, here are five places to avoid in the midst of this pandemic: 

Palengke or the Wet Market. Let’s face it. Palengkes are not one of the most hygienic places you can go to. But it is the cheapest. This is why most people flock and get their supplies here. However, it must be noted that deep cleaning and disinfecting should be prioritized every now and then. With all of the meat and produce laid out everywhere in public markets, disinfecting can be oftentimes overlooked. These days, there are now safer choices like online stores that offer fresh meat and seafood, Filipino favorites like Chorizo, Longganisa, and Tocino, and even some of the greens you need. Simply head on to Instakart and tick off your grocery list at the comforts of your home.  

Malls. When the Modified General Community Quarantine was announced, most celebrated with the fact that malls can now partially open their doors to the public. While this may be a relief to some, we should not let our guards down. With loads of people coming to the mall from all over the City and in all aspects of life, we cannot be sure who or what is carrying the virus. Instead, opt for online stores that offer body care and home essential needs. We have all these and more in Instakart Davao and we are still expanding our services for your convenience.  

Grocery Markets. Food is a necessity. But going out to get one is not worth the risk when there are already local online grocery stores available everywhere. Instakart already has a kitchen, home, and skincare essentials you can have delivered in a heartbeat. Compare this with most physical stores that no longer follow proper social distancing protocols these days. People simply go there, get a cart, touch, and choose the products they want and line up to the cashier. Recent studies show that the virus can last for days on surfaces. Thus, we are putting ourselves in danger every time we go to the grocery and mingle with other people. 

Public Utility Vehicles. Despite implementing social distancing and reducing the capacity of most PUVs in our City, we never really know where the people we ride with came from. Perhaps they came from a high-risk area and caught the virus there or maybe they visited a relative who was exposed to the virus too. Nevertheless, taking this mode of transportation is endangering our safety and that of our loved ones. Why not choose to shop for your needs conveniently since most online shops readily deliver whenever, wherever? 

Banks. People come here all the time to do their errands or to get their savings. But in all the areas, banks are the most highly touched place. From filling out forms to handling money that may have already come around, it is absolutely better to stay home and buy what you need online. Many Davao online supermarkets and delivery now offer cashless transactions that are much safer than what we are accustomed to, just like Instakart Davao. We prefer bank transfer and gcash options to ensure your safety and convenience.  

Instakart is your go-to online neighborhood store that has everything you need and delivers it right to your doorstep. From your grocery needs, disinfecting needs, all the way to face masks, and baby essentials, we have it for you. These days it pays to be extra safe. So stay home and let us do the grocery runs for you. Don’t worry, we got you covered.