5 Ways Covid-19 Changed the Game for Fresh Seafood Market

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The coronavirus has shaken most of the economy in the world. One most relevant is the seafood economy-- amidst all these, everyday they still find ways to stay afloat. Fishers are scrambling to respond and adapt to all the changes that have to be done. While coronavirus has not really closed the fresh seafood markets, it is undeniable that with the rising number of cases, fewer and fewer people go here by the day. 

The closure of restaurants and fresh seafood counters has created a serious dent in demand. Even temporarily, this is a serious blow to small-scale harvesters and fishing communities, who often derive most of their sales from these markets. They had to adapt and they had to do it fast. While most people are now stacking up on canned goods that will last them for days, there are also ones who directly connect with our fishermen. This lucrative shift from restaurants to a certain set of customers is one of the ways that our fishermen gets by. 

Direct Marketing-  This is a small but growing sector in the seafood industry. With more and more support from local movements, each has been quick in assisting most of our fishermen to connect with potential customers. This is the go-to road when the fishermen don’t go to the usual way of getting seafood into stores. Instead, they take over the entire process. They catch the fish, clean it, and directly deliver to the customer. 

Frozen over Fresh Catch- Most fishermen adapted through freezing their products in order to make sure that their catch will last longer. With this, despite the delays of the market, it is still consumable  by the customer. 

Processed Seafood- Processing seafood is one of the widely used methods of most of our fishermen  to adapt in this economy. Since processing food gives them a slight edge than merely frozen ones, most simply choose this way. Plus, processed seafood these days have various markets compared to the flash frozen ones.

Online resellers- The online selling concept has never been more alive than it is today. Instead of going to the wet market and shopping for fresh catch, most now relies on people selling online. They simply post their products and you can avail it in the price they have offered. While this is a convenient transaction, we must also consider if it is safe. Now more than ever we have to know where our food comes from. The onset of the pandemic requires us to be more vigilant with the things we eat. After all, a healthy diet is the most effective way of protecting ourselves from the virus.

Home Delivery Systems and Online Fish Selling Platforms have emerged - This involves online markets that have included fresh seafood in their products. A trusted local online supermarket in Davao will do the trick. With one readily available, all our seafood cravings will simply be a tap away. 

Clearly, the whole game for the seafood fresh market has been changed.  But with a pandemic still claiming lives each day, it is most important for us to fight Covid together and abide by our new normal: to shop in our trusted online grocery. Instakart Davao is an online one-stop-shop for everything you need. We have also partnered with local fishermen in order to make sure we provide fresh-catch seafood for you! Whether it is a craving for Tuna, Shrimps, or Dory, we have you covered. Simply head on to Instakart Davao and we’ll deliver what you need in a heartbeat.