7 Day Affordable Meal Plan for the Family

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Davao Meal Kit

Taking care of the kids, preparing food for every meal, meeting deadlines, and calling clients all at the same time may just be one of the skills Moms can master after the onset of the pandemic. But it doesn’t have to be this hard. Admit it. Of all the chores mentioned, one that really stands out is having to prepare a menu every meal. On top of this, it does not only involve cooking. It also involves deciding what to cook for the day and preparing all the ingredients you need to make the dish. This is where meal planning conveniently comes in. 

Meal planning in Davao is more often than not tagged under “only rich people can afford.” But this is not the case. Meal planning is for everyone! It is simply: planning your meals ahead for the next few days. This way, you no longer have to worry about what meal you’ll serve next. You already have a list to check on every once in a while. With this, you can also prepare all the ingredients you need beforehand. With online grocery and deliveries all over Davao City, it will surely be a breeze. Want to make your own meal plan but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry! We have you covered. We have prepared a 7-Day Budget-Friendly Meal Plan you can start as soon as possible:

For Sunday, you can start with something light that the kids will surely love. This is the perfect time to relax and chill with the family so you may want to prepare something easy and fast to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun. 

Breakfast: Powdered Milk and Quaker Oats 

Lunch: Chorizo, Egg, and Rice

Snacks: Pure Buko Juice and Fita Crackers 

Dinner: Adobong Manok with Rice

Monday should be packed and loaded. With the work from home schedule and online classes coming up, you’d want to make sure that what the family eats is enough to sustain them for the day. 

Breakfast:  Energen, Tuna, and Bread

Lunch: Chicken Bihon 

Snacks: Magic Flakes Cheese and Sprite 

Dinner: Sinugbang Baboy with Rice

Tuesday can be a day of playing around the kitchen and mixing and matching favorites. This way, each meal can still be fun as much as tasty. 

Breakfast: Fresh Milk, Canned Sausage, Rice

Lunch: Odong with Rice

Snacks: Richeese Wafer and Ice Tea

Dinner: Dory Fillet with Rice

Wednesday, as the middle of the week, can be overwhelming for work and school. So make sure you prepare warm homey food that will soothe hungry and tired souls. 

Breakfast: Ovaltine, Beef Loaf and Egg

Lunch: Fried Tuna Strips with Rice 

Snacks: Fresh Buko Whole and Magic Flakes

Dinner: Pork Sinigang and Rice

Thursday can be dragging. With the thought of the week almost ending, most of us simply just want to lay in bed until Sunday. To wake and energize the family, prepare something that will make them look forward to the entire day. Like their all-time favorite Crispy Pata, perhaps. 

Breakfast: Powdered Milk, Pork and Beans and Toasted Bread

Lunch:  Adobong Pusit and Rice

Snacks: Hansel and Yakult 

Dinner: Crispy Pata with Rice

Friday, the last day of work and school is always something the family looks forward to. Be a part of this mini celebration and make sure to prepare special meals for the family. 

Breakfast: Milo, Longganisa, Egg

Lunch: Buttered Shrimps

Snacks: Cream-O and Fresh Milk 

Dinner: Sinugbang Tuna Panga and Rice

Saturday, to cap off the week make sure to prepare healthy and delicious meals. This way, the family can enjoy the weekend with much rigor and energy. 

Breakfast: Energen, Tocino, Rice

Lunch: Chicken Sotanghon

Snacks: Buko Juice with Milk and Skyflakes

Dinner: Sinabawang Bangus with Rice 

The meal plan we made is very easy; you can do it anytime you want to! If you want to do this yourself, simply head on to Instakart Davao and have all the ingredients delivered right to your doorstep! As an online neighborhood store, we offer affordable grocery and delivery. Whether you need something for your meal plans, disinfectants, or masks to keep you extra safe, even all the way to your skincare routine, simply head on to our website, and whatever you need we’ll deliver in no time.