A Sulit Noche Buena

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With the onset of the pandemic and more and more people getting displaced out of their work, most of us are on a tight budget this year. Despite this, we can still prepare a quality holiday feast for your loved ones. You just have to be wais and madiskarte on this one. To tie it all up, it also pays to have your very own trusted Davao online store and local online supermarket like Instakart Davao. With value for money products for you to enjoy, preparing a scrumptious meal for the holiday has never been this easy. To make it more convenient, here’s a sample menu for you to enjoy.  One starter, three mains to be served with plain white rice, and one dessert. 

Start off your meal with Lumpiang Shanghai, a Filipino style spring roll filled with minced meat and vegetables. Easily one of Filipinos all-time favorite party snacks, these deep fried delights are best enjoyed with chili sauce or banana ketchup. Follow up with Pancit Canton, a stir-fried noodle dish with a unique mix of umami flavors and vegetables, an extra crispy homemade Fried Chicken (a reliable crowd pleaser!) and Pork Menudo, a hearty stew commonly served at Filipino fiestas. After this, easily cap it off by serving an easy 4-ingredient Mango Graham for a sweet ending to your festive feasting. With a combination of carbs, proteins, stews and treats available, this low budget menu will hardly leave you and your family wanting.

If you want to shake it up a little, you can always opt for lumpiang shanghai for a starter-still. Let's just say a party won't be a party without our famous Lumpiang Shanghai! But aside from that, you can also offer up some Cheese Sticks which are basically cheese slices stuffed in spring roll wrappers and then deep fried to a golden brown crisp - and yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.  For the main dishes, you can opt for a Pinoy Style spaghetti, a sweeter variation as compared to an Italian one but just as comforting and quintessentially Filipino, classic Boneless Lechon Belly with an amazing crispy crackling skin and tender juicy meat paired with two different dipping sauces - a sweet yet savory liver sauce and a punchy Sinamak (spiced vinegar) - and a rustic Beef Kaldereta (a tomato-based Filipino stew). Complete the meal with Leche Flan, a velvety smooth custard with caramel, and Pichi Pichi, a chewy gelatinous dessert made from cassava and sugar. The contrast in textures and temperatures is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. 

A Davao grocery market unlike any other, make sure to check out Instakart Davao and make this holiday a one to remember. From convenience, quality ingredients, all the way to safe shopping, we are here to keep you and your family safe for the holidays. A contactless care right at the palm of your hand, simply head on to, order what you need, and we’ll deliver it in no time. Happy new year, everyone!