Alas Tres Filipino Snacks with Instakart

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Having snacks can be an important part of your diet. This can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise. A healthy snack between meals can also decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time. For kids, it is equally important because it can keep the younger children from getting so hungry that they become cranky, and they can keep older kids from eating at larger meals. Filipinos, admittedly, love snacks. This is why in the midst of a pandemic, having your own trusted online grocery and delivery that is  “near me” can be beneficial. Instakart, a Davao online store may be the best choice for you. With our value for money products, preparing snacks for the entire family has never been this easy. To make this easier, we have rounded up some Filipino snacks you can enjoy with us: 

Lugaw with chicharon. This is a Filipino rice porridge that is traditionally thought of as soft food for sick people, due to the fact that it doesn't require much chewing. Warm, filling, and mushy, the dish acts as an ideal base for any type of meat and seasonings, just like a congee. Many cooks like to add chicken, lemon, and ginger in order to improve the flavors of the dish. After that, it can be flavored with typical Filipino ingredients: scallions, garlic chips, sliced hard-boiled eggs, calamansi, or fish sauce. Pair it with a chicharon baboy to add a crisp to it. 

Lumpia with sukang sinamak. Lumpiang shanghai, is a Filipino deep-fried appetizer consisting of a mixture of giniling wrapped in a thin egg crêpe. Lumpiang Shanghai is regarded as the most basic type of lumpia in Filipino cuisine, and it is usually smaller and thinner than other lumpia variants. This is best paired with sukang sinamak for an added kick of sourness and chiliness. Crispy and tasty, it is all the comfort you need to last the day through. 

Iced Gem Biscuits paired with Orange Juice. Biscuit topped with candy, anyone? Nothing beats Iced Gem Biscuits when it comes to this kind of snack. This unique and adorable pastel-colored icing biscuits are a perfect item to use in mini tea parties with friends way back. The ideal way to consume these is to eat the candy part first then the biscuit. Some eat them wholly, separate one color from the other, or choose a color first before devouring the entire pack.  Enjoying a pack is really up to you. 

Piattos. The classic favorite of every Filipinos.  Any Pinoy merienda list that doesn’t include Piattos is committing a dangerous crime. Light and crispy, these life-affirming chips in triangular form are fantastic for any occasion — house parties, road trips, or just casually catching up with friends. Besides the cheesy original, some of its popular flavours include Nacho Pizza, Roast Beef, and Roadhouse Barbecue. 

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