Christmas Desserts for Gifts, Why Not?!

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It is quite undeniable that Filipino Noche Buena won’t be complete without a good dessert. For most of us, this is the season to bake all the sweets you want to indulge in. Though this year’s noche buena may feel a bit different, this is the time where we can all gather together and share a scrumptious meal. Dishes served are mostly ones that come from a family tradition or simply a new experiment somebody in the family is trying. Aside from serving this to your table, desserts are also great gifts! Personalized and can easily be anyone’s favorite, you can never go wrong with this one. One Davao online store and delivery that can help you on this one is Instakart Davao.

Chocolate Leche Flan. This is the famous Filipino caramel custard with a twist. Chocolate creates more variety of flavors in the mouth, creating a symphony of flavors in every bite. So if you can’t decide what dessert to make for your family, or what sweet dish to give as food-to-share in your party, then this is an excellent choice since it isn’t a typical dessert a lot of people have tasted. But you can be assured that everyone will love it. In a bowl whisk egg yolks and eggs together, pour in chocolate syrup and whisk, add condensed and evaporated milk, vanilla extract and continue to whisk until combined. Use a strainer and a ladle to transfer chocolate mixture into tins to get rid of lumpy bits and air bubbles. Steam for about 30 minutes with a cloth under the lid, to catch water drippings and avoid flan from soggy. Make sure to make your caramel beforehand. Refrigerate Choco Leche flan for about 30 minutes before transferring to a plate. As easy as this and you now have a crowd favorite right at your table. 

Cathedral Windows. This is a Christmas dessert with different colored Jello embedded in a creamy mold. The name is obviously derived from the appearance of the dessert. To make this, simply pour a small amount of gelatin on a glass dish enough to cover the dish’s bottom. Randomly drop the cubed gelatin on the bottom of the glass dish so as to create a multicolored design on the finished product. Pour the base gelatin on the dish to cover the flavored gelatin. Chill gelatin to set. To serve, invert Cathedral Windows mold onto a plate.  Slice and serve!

Mango Float. This is very easy to make and will surely be a big hit for the holidays. Graham Float dessert is the Filipino version of the popular icebox cake. It consists of layers of graham crackers or ladyfingers (broas), whipped cream, condensed milk, and ripe carabao mangoes. Mango Float dessert can be two layers of filling or three, depending on the size of your baking pan. 

Buko Salad. What makes the buko the star of this recipe is its distinct flavor and softness, and a little crunchiness that it gives even when it is combined with the other ingredients.Simply drain canned fruit cocktail, nata de coco and fresh shredded coconut for about an hour to prevent salad from being soggy. In a separate bowl pour chilled all-purpose cream and sweet condensed milk and mix well. Place drained fruits in a bowl then add the cream mixture. Toss fruits lightly and mix thoroughly until well blended. Chill for about an hour and serve.

Fruit Cocktail Ice Box Cake. Old fashioned icebox cakes are great for snacks and always present on Christmas Holidays.   Try making this easy no cook recipe for Fruit Cocktail Icebox Cake with different flavors from fruits and frosting for a new taste sensation.  The best thing about Icebox cakes is they are sometimes nothing more than a simple 3-ingredient cake made of graham crackers or wafers, chocolate chips and all purpose cream. In this case, you are just making a mango float but layering it with fruit cocktail instead. As easy as that and you now have something to nibble on while waiting for the countdown. 

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