Consumer Response: Online Grocery Shopping

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Groceries and perishable goods are different from many products you can purchase online, such as clothes and books. These items have been perceived time-sensitive because of their perishability and therefore demands a timely delivery. Moreover, they have always been something that requires closer inspection of the buyer before being  purchased.

However, after the quarantine ensued because of the COVID-19 virus, most businesses started offering online store and delivery including supermarkets and small produce sellers. In a matter of weeks, most grocery stores and small-time sellers have moved to the digital platform to cater the consumer’s needs on lockdown. Especially those that are in the high-risk, vulnerable sectors.

Here’s why:

Convenience. Food and Medicine pass scheduling, clustering, limited choices on limited supermarkets and wet markets one can access, not to mention the longest line you’ll ever see stretching out to our public roads, waiting for their turn to shop for their essentials—online shopping seems to be the most convenient way to go. If you value your time or find yourself having none thereof because of the new work from home arrangement, purchasing from Davao online supermarket and delivery store sites is the easiest solution.

Price-checking. Price checking online is as easy as a swipe of your finger. You can easily check and compare prices for your groceries with other online supermarket and food supply sites online via quick google search or social media search. Before, people would only get to see the prices of the products when they are already in-store and makes manual comparisons switching from aisle to aisle. In online shopping, price checking only requires that you enter the proper keywords on a search engine and you get instant results in a matter of seconds. This way you can shop economically and make sure that you’re getting the most out of your peso. However, it doesn’t assure the quality of your products to be the same so we always recommend that you go with a trusted brand. 

Assured Quality. Instakart Davao makes sure that your grocery items are of quality while adhering to the proper pricing so you can get both quality and economy. As we mentioned earlier, grocery products are high-touch items. Consumer needs to see, touch, smell, feel the items first before any considerations of purchase but with Instakart, your products go through various quality check phases before it gets to your door, and if you’re still not satisfied you can always get in touch with their online customer service that assists you in case you need a replacement or a refund on items you have ordered.


Instakart Davao aims to meet various consumer needs through their online grocery services. By delivering products to your home, those in the high-risk and vulnerable sectors can chime in on the online shopping experience. Even though most businesses have resorted to temporary and indefinite closures, we see a rise of new small businesses and existing ones shifting to the digital platform. However, these online business models still require the presence of the traditional brick-and-mortar stores and supermarkets. With this new model, Instakart Davao aims to create even more goods distribution efficiency and leverage our online selling reputation, which is important when consumers consider the perishable nature of many grocery products.