Fathers as Frontliners

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In an article published by the Inquirer Philippines last April 2020, a bread winner to his young family,with a wife  who just gave birth to their weeks-old youngest child had to stay away at home to protect his family. “I prepared myself and my family for this temporary situation. I explained that I could not stay at home because I am needed at work. My work is important.” This is only one of the many sacrifices fathers had to do to provide and protect  their family.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic last January left all of us unprepared. From the usual routine of waking up early, going to work, and coming home to a warm , relaxing meal with the family, everything changed when the global pandemic took its toll to our country. The new normal paved the way to completely new directions and roles for everybody-- especially to our fathers. And in the chaos of it all, one thing remained clear to us: we need to protect ourselves and the people we value the most. In the chaos of it all, we saw how this pandemic has dramatically reshaped the roles of our fathers.

Fathers have always been very protective and caring of their families. And when the Enhanced Community Quarantine was implemented which entailed the use of a quarantine pass whenever we leave our respective homes, most fathers and husbands were quick to assume the role as the “frontliners” of the household on top of being a frontliner for the country too.

This led to fathers doing the groceries and driving out to order good food for the family, as the quarantine passes only allow for two members of the household to carry out essential businesses outdoors. The surge of dads doing grocery runs resulted in a fuss online, with hilarious stories of them having to take pictures of most products to assure they get the right one. Almost all these gentlemen in the supermarket are found holding onto so-called grocery kodigo, and there are long records of calls made to wives as they exercise utmost prudence in recalling which brand of laundry bar they use at home. Despite the charm and fun of it all, it was undeniably an ordeal our fathers chose to accept for our sake. They risked themselves so we could be comfortable despite the appalling impacts of the situation. Yet a harrowing trip to crowded places could all be prevented with the help of a complete, affordable and reliable Davao Online Store and Supermarket.

Knowing a good supermarket online in Davao will ensure the safety of our Dads, too. They no longer have to touch products which could have been exposed to the virus, no more long queues that do not adhere to strict social distancing, nor do they have to interact with more people outside our homes anymore. This is a simple but effective way of reducing the risks of the virus entering our homes. 

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