Filipinos Growing Love for Hito

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Catfish or as Filipinos fondly call it, Hito, is one of our favorite comfort food. With its tender, tasty, and melt-in-your-mouth meat, it is a good meal to reward yourself with after a long, stressful week. It can also be enjoyed in different ways; whether you like it fried, adobo, grilled,  or even with coconut milk, the choices are endless! 

Hito is also very good for your diet. It has a low-calorie content and fat. It contains healthy fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6-- that’s quality, homey taste and health all in one. Along with our rising love for Hitos, it is good to note that Hito growers are also required to undergo rigorous production and safety training. This ensures that we are eating clean and safe meat every time we crave for it. 

Hitos go through four stages of growing before it can be harvested. They should be provided with adequate type of food for each stage. For the first 10 days, Hitos will be given 500 grams of fry mash per day. This will be divided into four parts and will be provided into four separate times a day. For the 11th to 40th day, they will then be given a starter floater pellet with increasing measurements as the hito grows older. Supplemental feeds can be given to make sure they are healthy too. On the 41st to the 100th day, grower pellets will be given to them in increasing measurements as they grow older by day. Finally, on the 101st to 120th day, finisher feeds will be given to the hito. The total culture time of each is four months. Why does this matter? Farm-raised catfish like the ones widely nurtured in our country are fed with a high protein diet, this equates to the fact that the Hitos we love contains the highest level of amino acids and healthy fats.

With their food and environment strictly monitored for their survival, Hitos are widely served by most local food businesses. But with something as good and healthy as Hito, nothing beats a hearty home-cooked meal with it, right?

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