Five Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day

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December is fast approaching and one thing is clear: the cold monsoon is here. When it’s cold and wet outside and you just can’t be bothered to leave the house, use your time inside well. One Davao online grocery and delivery you can trust at times like this is Instakart. From home care to kitchen essentials, we have you covered.  You can curl up with a great book or binge watch an entire season of your favorite drama, but let’s face it, sometimes you want something different and fun things to do at home.  To keep you busy on those rainy days here are five ideas beyond “Netflix binge” (though hey, no judgement). 

Clean, disinfect, and organize the house well. In the midst of a pandemic, a clean house is a safe haven.Though this isn’t the most fun suggestion of the bunch, but it’ll make you feel great afterwards. A few hours of enforced indoor time is the perfect opportunity to scrub your kitchen cupboards, sort through the linen closet, or apply the Dewey Decimal System to your home library. Here’s a tip on this one: make sure to clean high touched surfaces like the doorknobs, table, and the likes. To make this easier, Instakart has disinfectant bundles you definitely want to try. 

Invent a game. Anne Libera, artistic associate at the Second City Training Center, recommends the following play-anywhere, no-props-needed, rainy day activities. One-word story: Starting with “Once upon a time,” go around the room and have each person add a single word to the story. Tip: Decide on a genre in advance―fairy tale, ghost story, etc.―and go from there.Improvised poetry: One person says a line of poetry, and the next must say a line that rhymes with it, and so on. Let kids say the first line; it’s up to you to find the rhyme. Yes, and…monster! Invent an imaginary monster, with each person adding a new characteristic to the first person’s monster description. Every new idea has to start with an enthusiastic, “Yes, and…” and build on what has already been described.These are great activities especially if you have a kid in the house. 

Cook your favorite dish. While dark clouds, strong winds and heavy downpour aren't all that comforting to many people, one thing always is: our favorite hot, fuss-free, and comforting dishes. With Instakart, you get to order the ingredients you need in no time. Craving for some Sinigang? Kare-Kare? Either way, you can make it with Instakart. From cold cuts all the way to seasonings, you can have what you need in no time.

Try baking with the kids. Most kids love to bake, particularly with the promise of a sweet treat at the end! And getting kids involved in the kitchen from an early age is a great way to introduce them to everything from new flavours and foods, to the math and science of baking and cooking. Instakart has some baking ingredients for you to use. If all else fails, you can always opt for pancakes in the long run. 

Make a playlist and have a disco with the family. Create your own playlists of your favourite songs. Why not pick 5 songs each that you all like, to add to your playlist, then put it on shuffle and have a disco in the house? Move back the furniture, and get moving! It’s a great way to get some physical exercise on a rainy day, and you could also use your playlist for some limbo dancing, musical statues, best and worst dancer competitions, and so much more. While you’re at it, you can also serve some pika-pika snacks you can easily order from Instakart. 

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