Grocery Runs: 5 Important Grocery Tips to Mind

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Grocery runs can be quite a chore. It’s the kind of thing that you love and hate at the same time. But most definitely, it is fun. Filipinos are known for our diverse tastes when it comes to food. We just love trying something new and giving that old dish an extra kick of flavors. With this comes our need for fresh ingredients. Be it vegetables, fruits, meat, we want nothing but the best.

The onset of the pandemic made the list for pantry must-haves even longer. Aside from the weekly food budget, we have to take care of, we also have to be wise and stock up on food that has a longer shelf life just in case the series of lockdowns will go back to its extreme. Disinfectants are also clawing their way to the top of the list. With this, we have rounded up five of the best grocery tips we have seen online. These may be a big help especially in these times:

  • @eatmoreofplants made a list of fruits and veggies that last long. This includes: garlic (up to 6 months), cabbage (up to 2 months), carrots (up to 4-5 weeks), apples (up to 4 weeks), potatoes (Up to 2-5 weeks) and oranges (up to 2-3 weeks). 

This is an absolutely necessary list especially these days that it is more logical to buy in bulk. This will be a great cheat sheet when shopping for vegetables and fruits that we can stock up at home. For more healthy and helpful tips like this one, follow them at Instagram. 

  • @coolmomeats eloquently compared the difference between fresh and frozen produce. She said fresh produce is nutrient-rich, lasts for days, and tastes better. Its con however is that it spoils quicker. Frozen produce on the other hand is nutrient-rich, lasts for months, usually cheaper, but not as tasty. 

On top of this, fresh produce, especially homegrown ones are richer in vitamins and minerals. This gives us the much-needed boost for our immune system, especially during a pandemic. For more tips from her, follow her on Instagram.

  • @eatvoraciously says: “Grocery shopping during the coronavirus: wash your hands, keep your distance, limit trips.”

As appealing it is to go to the mall and shop everything we need there, this will gravely put us at risk with the virus. There are now various online stores we can trust and tap in order to have our grocery runs fixed and delivered to us. This does not only ensure convenience but also safety for us. For more interesting tips like this one, check them out on Instagram.

  • @imperfectfoods says: the most expensive ingredient is the one you throw away.

These days it pays to be frugal in the things that we buy. The economy is tight and every day, more and more people are losing their jobs. This is why today more than ever, we have to keep on saving. We should only buy what we need when we need to make sure we do not compromise our budget and the grocery needs we bought. For more helpful tips, follow them on Instagram

  • @grocerygettinggirl shares  a great budgeting tip: “Only buy in bulk what you need in bulk.”

This will reduce the chances of wasting both money and food in our houses. By buying only what we need at the amount we need it, we are making sure that everyone can enjoy having these ingredients in their pantry too. Remember, we rise through this by lifting each other. For more tips like these, check her out at Instagram.

While all of these tips are beneficial, it is also worthy to note that on the peak of a pandemic, we have to be safe. The safest choice we have is through online shopping. This will lessen our chances of catching the virus and at the same time, with reliable online markets, we can be sure that our items have been thoroughly disinfected.

An online market where you can buy fresh fish and meat online is also a must-have these days. In Instakart, a Davao online grocery and delivery service, we make sure to serve nothing but value-for-money products for you. With our varied selections from fresh lean meat, fresh catch shrimps, all the way to any kitchen essentials, we have it for you. For today, choose to be safe. Stay home and shop online at Instakart Davao. With our same-day delivery service, we’ll deliver what you need in a heartbeat.