How do you keep your family safe now?

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Disinfectant Kits

These days, months go by like a breeze-- quickly then all at once. Instakart Davao offered crazy discounts for the month of June. You were able to enjoy discounts for our pork belly and pork pierna, and as a buena mano, we also offered a free delivery service! Moving forward, as the month of July started, the loosening of restrictions in our safety protocols has been announced too. As of July 1, Davao City has now been placed to a Modified General Community Quarantine. As much as this may feel like good news, it is equally important to not let ourselves be drowned in a sense of complacency. The shift of the quarantine does not mean the virus no longer exists. It is still there and every day, the number of positive cases in our country is still rising. 

Instakart Davao budded with our goal to keep you safe. And as more and more restrictions are now being lowered, we are here to protect you even more. For the month of July, Instakart Davao is launching Fab new products on our website! Products that will assure your safety and convenience at home.

Aerosols- To be more specific, Lysol Disinfectant Spray is now available on our website. As a way of fighting the spread of coronavirus the Department of Health constantly reminds us to disinfect regularly touched surfaces around our home. Preferably with the disinfectant spray of our choice. An official list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 – the cause of COVID-19 has been published and Lysol is a part of it.   As soon as the list was announced, Lysol quickly flew off shelves. Luckily, you no longer have to constantly go out of the house and look for one in supermarkets, you can now finally say that an online supermarket near me offers this product and will deliver it right to your doorstep in a heartbeat. Remember, we are only a tap away. 

Bleach -This can be used as a disinfectant to the surfaces at home and can also be a whitening agent for laundry purposes. This is packaged as a liquid detergent or pure liquid concentrate. It can also be packaged as pre-made wash towels for use in the house. Alternative uses of bleach as a cleaning and whitening agent include polish for glassware as well as utilizing it as an agent to lengthen the lifespan of fresh-cut flowers.

Chlorine- This is the most effective disinfectant in the bathroom and the floor. Mix it with water and soap and it will make everything squeaky clean.

With twelve categories to choose from, under our home care category, we also offer more disinfectants to keep your home and your loved ones safe. If you are someone who likes to DIY his/her way through things to ensure the quality of the products used, Instakart Davao has a wide array of choices for you. Whether you want a vinegar and lemon disinfectant for the glasses at home or a baking soda, salt, and vinegar concoction for stains, you’ll find everything here in a breeze. Ease your mind after a long day by trusting only value-for-money products that are essential to your home. 

With our same-day delivery, we can have these delivered to your doorstep right when you need them! Instakart Davao is a Davao online supermarket that provides quality, fast, and a safe channel to get your grocery runs in an instant. From our store to your door, we ensure nothing but safety,  quality, and service you no less than deserved. Start your month squeaky clean with our disinfectants and shop at Instakart Davao today.