How the Pandemic Affected our Buying Habits

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In a 1990 essay entitled “Sociology of Health & Illness” by sociologist Philip M. Strong states, “A major outbreak of novel, fatal epidemic disease can quickly be followed both by plagues of fear, panic, suspicion and stigma; and by mass outbreaks of moral controversy, of potential solutions and of personal conversion to the many different causes which spring up. This distinctive collective social psychology has its own epidemic form, can be activated by other crises besides those of disease and is rooted in the fundamental properties of language and human interaction.”


Fast forward to 2020, with the implementation of community quarantines due to the threat of COVID-19, Filipinos panicked and rush to supermarkets to ensure their pantries would not run out of stock during the lockdown. This is an example of a shift in consumer behavior when dealt by certain thresholds on specific events—a pandemic, for example.


In an article, Nielsen identified six threshold levels: proactive health-minded buying, reactive health management, pantry preparation, quarantined living preparation, restricted living, and living a new normal.  We are currently on the third threshold or the pantry preparation threshold. On this threshold, there are multiple cases of local transmission already and consumers are stockpiling shelf-stable foods and a wider variety of health-safety products therefore occupying stores and growing their basket sizes. Here are the top products that Filipinos are storing in their pantry:


Antiseptics, cleaners. Sales have peaked for all sorts of disinfectant solutions especially hand sanitizers and 70% alcohol solutions. People have also resorted to buying disposable masks by the box and not per piece but aside from disinfecting oneself, people have also purchased cleaning equipment and solution to disinfect houses, offices, and other establishment to ensure cleanliness and safety.


Over-the-counter cold remedies. People are advised to stay away from hospitals because the risk of infection would be higher there. Hence, why we recommend you make your purchases through online supermarket and delivery in Davao. Aside from that people sought to storing medicines for the common cold and other common sicknesses that can be remedied with self-medication to avoid hospital trips. There is also an increase in Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid purchases aside from the other daily vitamins and food supplements as a preventive measure.


Shelf-stable food. Dried beans, canned meat products, and rice are the top three food pantry must haves according to purchase studies. There is also a rise for healthy diet adaptations among Filipinos thus growing demand for fruits and vegetables that prove to boost immune systems and build up resistance. Safe to say that it is best to avoid going outside and buy in online supermarket in Davao.


Indeed the almost three months of being under the community quarantine has been a learning experience. We’ve shown resilience and adapted to the many struggles this pandemic has caused. It has both broke and made us, but here we are still standing. In times like this, at a time of uncertainty, it is best to always come prepared than undermine the gravity of it all. It helps to have a trusted go-to partner for your grocery run needs at times like these. For the best online grocery store in Davao, head on to Instakart!