Insta Christmas Table Setup Ideas

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While you might be consumed with buying presents for loved ones, decorating your Christmas tree and even dressing up your front door with a festive wreath, you shouldn't forget to set your dining table for the occasion. A standout dining table not only impresses guests—it's an opportunity to give them a taste of your creative skills. And, of course, your holiday menu is just as important, but striking color palettes and DIY decorations are other surefire ways to impress your holiday dinner guests. Think handmade name cards, garland as table runners, floating candles, and striking centerpieces to make your holiday dinner a jolly, jolly time for everyone on your guest list. One Davao online grocery and delivery you can trust here in the City is Instakart Davao. From the rooms, perfect menu, all the way to the kitchen essentials, we have you covered. 

Christmas Drink Picks. Bring more holiday cheer to your guests' drinks with some fun skewers fit for the occasion. Cut your drink skewers to about 3" long, then attach mini bottle brush trees in fun colors to the top of each one. Simple hot glue works well for this project. For your drinks, Instakart Davao offers a wide choice of drinks to enjoy. From vibrant juices all the way to colorful sodas, we have you conveniently covered. 

Wreath chandelier. Using a hook and ribbon, suspend greens from the ceiling above your table. Love the look, but have a permanent light fixture? Drape pine around the frame and secure it with ribbon. How about making this an edible gift for the kids? Make it more exciting with sweets and some chips you can easily make at home. Keep the kids looking forward to the holidays by ordering your own childhood favorites from Instakart Davao. 

Unexpected Pairings. Unexpected combinations can take your holiday dinner table to the next level. Arrange each table setting with a large ornament and cinnamon sticks wrapped in the ribbon of your choice. Pair it up with a cup of hot chocolate all the way from Instakart Davao and you are good to go.

Pink as a Christmas Color. Green and red aren't the only colors you're allowed to use on your Christmas table. A soft pink table cloth paired with gold cutlery feels warm and homey. This will be great for your home cooked meals prepared for the entire family to enjoy.

Festive napkins. A little origami napkin-work can add an instant dose of holiday cheer (even if you left decorating the table until the last minute.) So make sure you have this conveniently ready for the holidays to keep the festivity going. 

Christmas crackers.  No holiday table is complete without fun crackers to open during your meal. The crackers typically include a crown, a joke, and a small toy or trinket, so prepare for hours of entertainment once your guests open theirs. You may want to prepare a small chocolate treat for everyone on this one too. Instakart Davao has an entire category to indulge you for this deed. 

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