Insta Cooking Tips for the Holidays

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There's lots of stress related to the holiday season: presents to buy, decorations to hang, festivities to attend. It can really start to suck up extra time and money -- two things most people already have in relatively short supply. But while decorating and gift buying can be done weeks -- and in the latter case even months -- ahead of time, whoever's been nominated to host the holiday dinners knows stress like no others. Wondering where to buy cooking ingredients online? With the holiday rush coming, most online stores are fully booked to cater what you need. Instakart, a Davao online store and delivery o is here to help your noche buena preparations easier. With quality ingredients all within your reach, here are some holiday cooking tips to remember: 

Assemble salads in advance. Try a salad that uses heartier greens — escarole and frisee, for example, won't wilt into a soggy mess. Or try this pro trick that doesn't require assembling a salad a la minute: Start by adding some dressing to the bottom of the salad bowl, then top with the heartiest ingredients that aren't prone to soaking up dressing, like cucumbers and tomatoes. Layer the fragile ingredients on top, such as the lettuce or herbs, and top that layer with garnishes like cheese or croutons. The salad will keep for a few hours without wilting or soaking up any dressing; at the table, toss the salad and season it with salt and more dressing, as needed.

Cut up all the vegetables and fruits you need before cooking. By making sure that your ingredients are already peeled and cut the way they should be, cooking the dishes will be easier. Whether a dish requires boiling or roasting, the smaller the vegetables are cut, the less time it will take for each piece to cook through. The best thing to do here is to make sure that the morning before your big dinner, cut up the veggies you'll need for recipes and put them in airtight containers. This will take a lot of pressure off of you when it comes time to cook.

Make use of your slow cooker. Need to keep a food item warm because it finished cooking before everything else? Put it in your slow cooker (or Instant Pot) and set it to the low or warming setting. The dish will stay warm, but won't overcook. This works best with mashed potatoes or other foods where presentation isn't too important.  

Skip the roast and grill steaks instead. Steaks require minimal cooking time compared to their whole-cut counterpart. Throw them on the grill for some extra depth of flavor, and elevate the meal to feast status by serving with a rich sauce. This also keeps the meat extra juicy and chewy for everyone to enjoy. 

Now that you already have the basics of holiday cooking covered, the next step is finding a “local online store near me” that will help you get through all these holiday craze. This is where Instakart Davao comes through. From quality and fresh ingredients all the way to kitchen essentials you will be needing, we have you covered. So make sure to checkout and safely shop the day away. Happy holidays!