Insta-Tipid Tips for the Holidays

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Instakart is an online grocery and delivery in Davao that is here to remind you that the holidays do not need to be expensive. Tagged by many as the best online grocery in Davao, Instakart is here to give you some tipid tips for the holidays. 

Plan ahead of time. It is quite undeniable that even until today, many Filipinos are still stuck in the mañana habit. This is exactly the reason why the Christmas holiday rush in the country is a big deal. Here’s an important reminder for you: never go shopping unprepared - it’s the rule that everyone needs to religiously practice whenever the Christmas season arrives. Like Santa, make a list and check it twice. By planning ahead, you can avoid impulsive — and expensive! -- buys. You can also save up on cost when you plan one big shopping online (instead of having to go to the mall multiple times). This way, in the midst of a pandemic, you can save money and save lives as well. Instakart Davao has you covered on all the essentials so make sure to craft that list early so you can start shopping today. 

Make personalized gifts. Let your creativity take place, personalize your gifts. Yes, bring out those glue and scissors, and start working on them. If you have trouble with personalized gifts and you think you are not creative enough for it, there are thousands of DIY books and videos available. Creative does not stop with artsy gifts, you also have a choice to prepare something else. Bake cookies or brownies as your personalized gifts this holiday. The only limit here is your imagination. Looking for a place to indulge this activity? Go to Instakart Davao and you are in for a pleasant surprise. 

Reuse and recycle. Those ribbons and gift wrappers you used last year and in other occasions may be used again for this holiday. Reuse usable wrappers and ribbons, and give a little personalized touch. Give a taste of your personality in every gift you will give. And beside saving more, you get to help the Earth lessen garbage. That’s a gift for the environment!

Find fun in staycation. It’s tempting to visit amazing tourist attractions during the holiday break. But out-of-town adventures mean additional expenses —think transpo, board and lodging, and pocket money. Consider unwinding within the four walls of your own sanctuary for a change. It’s time for some intimate bonding activities for the family. One great place for this is Malagos Garden Resort. While you’re at it, make sure to buy extra snacks and baon at Instakart Davao. 

Set a budget and stick to it. With all the pretty things displayed inside malls, it can be too easy to buy more than we can afford. Solution? Set a budget and stick to it no matter what. Always allot money for unforeseen emergencies so you won’t be caught off guard.

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