Instakart Budget Back to School Meal Plan for the Week

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Meal Plan in davao

Most schools here in Davao City are already starting the first phase of their online classes. With most parents doing work at home online too, things can be quite overwhelming. From preparing quick and healthy food for the kids all the way to making sure they are listening to what the teacher says, each task we have to do can be quite daunting. We have adapted to so many changes since the onset of the pandemic. This one is not new anymore. So to make this change a bit easier, make your very own affordable meal plan in Davao or if you are too busy, you can always opt to order a meal plan in Davao for at least once a day. Bear in mind though that you can actually pull off a fancy and nutritious meal plan without compromising your budget. 

Instakart is an online grocery and delivery in Davao that goes the extra mile to keep our services readily available for you and the family. From kitchen and home essentials all the way to disinfectants and masks, we have you covered. To help make the current shift simpler, here’s Instakart’s sample seven day meal plan for busy parents out there.


Breakfast: Fresh Milk, Quaker Oats, and Banana

AM Snacks: Yakult and  Choco Mallows

Lunch: Corned Beef with Potato and Rice

PM Snacks: Water and Peanut Brittle

Dinner: Coca- Cola, Pork Humba with Banana Blossoms, and  Rice


Breakfast: Tuna and Egg Sandwich paired with Orange Juice

AM Snacks: Fresh Milk and Hansel Chocolate Sandwich 

Lunch: Chicken Loaf and Rice

PM Snacks: Buko Juice and Choco Knots

Dinner: Seafood Chopsuey and Rice


Breakfast: Choco Milk, Bread, Butter, and Scrambled Egg

AM Snacks: Water and Cream-O Vanilla

Lunch: Luncheon Meat and Rice with Stir Fried Vegetables

PM Snacks: Buko Juice with Milk and SkyFlakes

Dinner: Adobong Pusit and Rice


Breakfast: Bulad, Rice, and Orange Juice

AM Snacks: Water and Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Lunch: Royal Orange, Crispy Pata, and Rice

PM Snacks: Calamansi Juice and Quaker Raisins Oatmeal Cookies

Dinner: Pininyahang Manok and Rice


Breakfast: Tocino, Sunny Side Up Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Pineapple Juice and Quake Bar

Lunch: Sausage and Rice with Buttered Corn Kernels

PM Snacks: Water and Piyaya

Dinner: Grilled Tuna, Rice, and Instakart Sukang Pinakurat


Breakfast: Cheese Omelette, Crackers, and Bread, 

AM Snacks: Orange Juice and Magic Flakes Cheese 

Lunch: Tuna Fillet and Rice with Mayo and Ketchup Dip

PM Snacks: Iced Tea and Fudgee Bar

Dinner: Shrimp Sinigang and Rice


Breakfast: Pancakes and Fresh Milk

AM Snacks: Choco Milk and Nagaraya

Lunch: Pork and Beans with Egg and Rice

PM Snacks: Apple Juice and Monde Mamon

Dinner: Sauteed Pork and Mushroom with Gravy and Rice

Each dish here can be prepared with Instakart’s varied products. The goal here is to be wiser and smarter when it comes to adapting with every bit of change the pandemic is throwing our way. We may not know when this will end but we have faith that it will, soon. Meanwhile, as we are still finding our way around this year, be rest assured that Instakart Davao is here every step of the way. Simply head on to our website, order what you need, and we will deliver it to you in a heartbeat.