Instakart Budget Back to School Meal Plan for the Week

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Affordable Davao Food Plan

The pandemic has ushered in a new normal. Work and school have been brought at home and leisure is limited, if not restricted. The family has never been closer than ever. With everyone doing their best to keep up with the overwhelming tasks they need to accomplish remotely, how can the same place we live and sleep in still feel like home? Surely the mommy who is busy as a bee reading this may ask the same question. With the advent of online grocery shopping and delivery, one part of the to-do list can be checked off immediately!

Making food every day for the family is no easy task. On top of it needing to be healthy, it has to be affordable, easy to make, and tasty for the picky teenager/s in the nest. Good thing the “quick and easy to make” part can easily be covered by Instakart’s wide selection of affordable fresh produce, kitchen essentials, meat, poultry, and seafood, snacks and crackers, and more which can be delivered right to your doorstep. Here are some cooking hacks and tips that will surely help busy moms out there.

Make a List

Everybody loves food. Even physique athletes who need to be in shape all the time look forward to their cheat meals. Much like accomplishing tasks in the office, making a list of food that each member of the family enjoys could make it easier when it comes to food preparation. Granted, some food may be expensive to make and prepare, but the point is to get an idea of what gets everybody’s taste buds running. A meal list helps reduce, or maybe even eliminate, the thing that consumes the most time when it comes to cooking: deciding what to cook. With a list on hand, you no longer have to look upon where to buy online cooking oil near me since you already have it covered! 

Cook for Two Family Meals

Morning routines are crucial. It can either make or break one’s day. This is also the busiest as everyone rushes to be their best selves for the tasks ahead.

Once we’re in the zone we don’t want to get interrupted, do we? For the busy, working mom, it is beneficial to cook for two meals in the morning: for lunch and breakfast. That way, after eating lunch, one can relax or spend time with the kids.

Prepare Vegetables and Fruits Beforehand

We could all agree that health is wealth. Staying healthy is economical, spending thousands or millions worth of cash in medical bills isn’t. Cut your veggies and fruits beforehand and put them into small labeled containers for easy access. If this isn’t an option, Instakart’s fresh, pre-packaged meal plans might be perfect for you because you just have to start cooking them right away!

Theme for the A-Team

Make meal planning easy and exciting. Assign theme nights or theme days so everyone can have something to look forward to. This can also narrow your choices down on what to prepare and cook. Who knows, everybody may start looking forward to Leafy Wednesdays.

These are just some of the easy tricks that you could follow to make your kitchen duties easier. Get started, visit Instakart, your trusted online grocery and delivery in Davao today. Buy cooking products online with us and we guarantee you a service you no less than deserving.