Instakart Davao: Arming You with Covid-19 Must-Haves

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On July 21 alone, the global record of positive coronavirus cases reached 306,000. This led to a total of at least 14.7 million positive cases in the whole world. Of this number, 70,764 cases have been from the Philippines and we are not slowing down. Every day, more and more people get infected. 

Davao Region already has a total of 993 cases with Davao City having the most number of infected persons. These days more than ever, we have to be more careful. We have recently transitioned to a Modified General Community Quarantine on the first day of July and on July 15, there has been advance information by the IATF that we should revert back to a General Community Quarantine. This is due to the fact that since the transition to MGCQ, the number of our cases doubled by the day. Despite this, the City Government of Davao was able to plead the notice’s reversal with the assurance that the virus in our City is still manageable. And that we still have ample beds and space for the possibility of another surge of cases.  Perhaps all this information is nothing but mere numbers for some or perhaps these results are getting more and more personal every day as friends, officemates, and family is starting to catch the virus. 

Though it doesn’t feel much, staying home is an integral part of this fight. This will ensure yours and that of your loved ones’ safety and reduce the risk of the virus’ spread. In line with this, there has been a significant rise in online grocery and food deliveries in Davao. Thus, staying at home doesn’t have to be so hard. Do you need something? Simply head on to a trusted online grocery and tap your order away. There are three core things you need to remember in the midst of this pandemic: always wear a mask, religiously clean and disinfect, and keep the social distancing anywhere you are.  

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