Instakart Holiday Meal Plan for the Week

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The holidays are fast approaching and we all know what that means: an entirely new realm of chaos in the kitchen. Preparing the appetizers, meals, as well as dessert can be quite overwhelming. To make the holidays a bit easier, here’s an Insta tip for you: be sure to have a trusted online store and delivery where you can shop online groceries and enjoy delivery right to your doorstep. One Davao online shop you can trust is Instakart. With a wide variety of choices, preparing an entire meal plan for the days to come has never been this easy. 

For busier times like the holidays, make sure to have easy prep meals on hand. To guide you through this season, here’s an Instakart  seven day meal plan you can enjoy:


Breakfast: Potato and Egg Omelette and Rice

AM Snacks:  Fresh Milk and Quaker Oats Cookie 

Lunch: Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl and Orange Juice 

PM Snacks: Monde Mamon and Nestle Chuckie 

Dinner: Buttered Shrimps and Rice

The highlight on this one is the Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl. Simulate a sushi restaurant experience in your home. A quick-to-make version of this popular dish has tuna, veggies, and more, all smothered in sauce with a mayo-sriracha base that promises plenty of kick. All these and more are conveniently available at Instakart Davao. 


Breakfast: Corned Beef Potato Pancakes and Iced Tea

AM Snacks: Piyaya and Water

Lunch:  Lumpia Shanghai and Rice 

PM Snacks: Sky Flakes and Coca Cola 

Dinner: Adobong Pusit and Rice

Who doesn’t love Corned Beef? At a time like this, you need all the ingredient-extending techniques you can get. With a corned beef potato pancake, you’ll get to easily let the kids enjoy a healthy  and fun breakfast.


Breakfast: Scrambled Egg, Tocino, and Rice 

AM Snacks: Choco Knots and Fresh Milk 

Lunch: Tuna Fillet and Rice 

PM Snacks: Peanut Brittle and Buko Juice with Milk 

Dinner: Laing na Sardinas and Rice

You have probably never heard of laing na sardinas. But we are here to attest that the dish is truly one of the best you can whip up this quarantine period.  If you have any cans of sardines lying around your pantry, this is the perfect dish to make. Wondering where to get your ingredients? Simply head on to Instakart Davao! We have what you need, exactly when you need it. 


Breakfast: Chorizo, Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Yakult and Boy Bawang 

Lunch: Century Tuna Pancit Canton and Rice

PM Snacks: Fresh Buko and Chocolate Fudgee Bar 

Dinner: Chicken Tinola and Rice

The Century Tuna Pancit Canton is simply a fusion between tuna and our well loved pancit canton. Stir fry with vegetables, it will be an easy lunch for busy days. 


Breakfast: Corned Beef Omelette and Rice 

AM Snacks: Apple Juice and Iced Gem Biscuits

Lunch: Sardines Potato Croquettes 

PM Snacks: Water and Cal Cheese 

Dinner: Sinigang na Baboy and Rice

The Sardines Potato Croquettes is one fool-proof recipe for everyone. While enjoying this home-cooked delata delicacy, multi tasking has never been this simple. 


Breakfast: Longganisa, Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Tropicana Twister and Crunchy Muffins 

Lunch:  Fried Chicken and Rice

PM Snacks: Pancit Palabok with Tuna and Alamang and Pineapple Juice

Dinner: Sinabawang Tuna and Rice

Another dish most of us are craving for this quarantine is pancit palabok. It is very easy to make. You just need bihon noodles, palabok mix, canned tuna, alamang, and chicharon. All of which you can easily whip with Instakart Davao. 


Breakfast: Egg and Meat Sandwich and Fresh Milk

AM Snacks: Mango Juice and Rebisco Butter 

Lunch: Squid Rings and Rice

PM Snacks: Pineapple Juice and Snacku

Dinner: Corned Beef Spaghetti and Orange Juice 

Cap off the week with everyone’s favorite: Spaghetti! What better way to prepare this than with a savory corned beef recipe? Keep the kids looking forward to ending the week by letting them know that small wins like this one are worth celebrating. 

With your meals all planned out for the week, it will now be easier to order what you need online. Simply head on to and we’ll deliver what you need in a heartbeat. From sulit canned goods all the way to kitchen essentials, we have you covered.