Instakart Rainy Day Must Haves

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Cleaning Wipes

Rainy days are upon us. This means that most of our plans for the weekend have to be cancelled. With the hassle that comes with going outside on a rainy day, it pays to make sure you have everything you need within reach. To make this task easier, we have prepared a list of rainy day must haves you can find at Instakart, a Davao online grocery and delivery that has what you need exactly when you need it. 

Breakfast staples. Imagine waking up to a cold breeze with the gentle sound of rain outside. Getting out of the bed may just be the last thought in your mind. But with an even better breakfast to pair the weather with, getting up and going on for the day may be worth it. No need to wonder where to buy fresh eggs and bulad online in Davao, in Instakart, we have you covered. From a wide variety of bulad, a fresh batch of organic eggs, even all the way to your coffee, hot chocolate, and milk, simply head on to our website and we’ll deliver it in no time. Or better yet, make sure to stock up on these favorites, you never know when they’ll come in handy. 

Handy Snacks. Of course, you would not want to miss out on these treats. Finish reading your favorite book, watch the latest movie available online, all while munching on your favorite Filipino snacks. From classic favorites like Piattos, Chocolate, Cheezy, all the way to Fish Crackers, Chicharon, and Piyaya, just head on to our Biscuits and Crackers category and you’ll be surprised by all the childhood favorites we have in store for you. 

Hot Noodles and Soup. Cold weather and hot soup are quite a match, don’t you think so? Listen to your favorite music or simply sit by the window and enjoy the simple joys the rain offers with a hot soup on hand, it will be the right kind of break you need from all the chaos. Warm up the body and the heart with this experience. Instakart has all kinds of noodles and instant soups readily available for your convenience. 

Hygiene essentials. Never let yourself run out of hygiene essentials. With our Health and Beauty section, you can keep a clean, healthy, and safe lifestyle anytime of the day. Moisturize your skin even though the sun is not out with our lotion, rub on some essential oil to your body that has been sore for days due to all the stress you had to carry for the week, and never run out of bathroom essentials with our wide array of shampoo, conditioner, and soap products. 

Cleaning Kits. Just in case you feel the need to do some general cleaning and disinfecting, it pays to have cleaning kits on hand. Instakart’s Home Care section is complete with all the cleaning and disinfecting needs you may have. From all kinds of detergent bar and soap to the most sought after Lysol disinfectant spray, your house will be squeaky clean and safe in no time. 

Interested to try this but on a tight budget? Don’t worry! Instakart is a Davao affordable Online Store with minimal delivery fee. We cater to each and every need you have. Order what you need and you’ll have it in a heartbeat. Try Instakart today!