Instakart’s Meal Plan for the Week

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Affordable Meal Plan in Davao

As quick as that, August has ended. It is now officially the start of “-ber” months and the rainy season has officially begun. At times like this, it is important to make sure our family gets the most vitamins and nutrients for the day. With the rainy season along the way, common fever and colds may affect them. Knowing that coronavirus also has flu-like symptoms, one cannot be too sure. This is why it is equally important to be on guard. Eat healthy food and make sure you and your family frequently exercise. 

With this in mind, why not start planning your meals ahead? You will not only find this convenient but also very healthy. Writing down all you will serve and knowing that you already have it all figured out for the week is one of the few kinds of peace of mind you should not miss (especially if you are in charge of the kitchen). With everything figured out, being in the kitchen can now be quite a breeze. To make this a wee bit easier, here is Instakart’s seven-day meal plan for you and the family. 


Breakfast: Bulad, Scrambled Egg, Tomatoes and Rice 

AM Snacks: Orange Juice and Richeese 

Lunch: Binagoongan Pork with Tomatoes, Cucumber Salad, and Rice

PM Snacks: Pineapple Juice and Rebisco Honey Crackers 

Dinner: Beef Soup and Rice


Breakfast: Quaker Oats, Milk, and Toasted Bread with Butter

AM Snacks: Apple Juice and Quake Overload 

Lunch: Ginisang Sardinas with Egg  and Rice

PM Snacks: Calamansi Juice and Piaya

Dinner: Tinolang Manok and Rice


Breakfast: Buttered Corn Kernels, Rice, and Tocino

AM Snacks: Buko with Milk and Skyflakes

Lunch: Beef Loaf, Tomato Salad, and Rice

PM Snacks: Water and Chocolate Fudgee Bar

Dinner: Sinabawang Tuna and  Rice


Breakfast: Boiled Egg, Chorizo, and Rice

AM Snacks: Fresh Milk and Quaker Oats Raisin Cookies 

Lunch: Fried Sausage and Rice

PM Snacks: Pure Buko Juice and Nagaraya 

Dinner: Mushroom Chicken and Rice


Breakfast: Lumpia Shanghai and Rice

AM Snacks: Yakult and Chichacorn 

Lunch: Pork and Beans with Egg and Rice

PM Snacks: Fresh Buko Juice and Rebisco Crackers 

Dinner: Paksiw na Bangus with Soy Sauce and Rice


Breakfast: Longganisa, Scrambled Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Yakult and Choco Knots 

Lunch: Squid Rings, Onion Rings, and Rice

PM Snacks: Chuckie and Monde Mamon 

Dinner: Adobong Manok sa Atay with Potatoes and Rice


Breakfast: Bagoong with Egg, Rice, and Tomato Salad

AM Snacks: Iced Tea and Tuna Sandwich

Lunch: Dried Chicken and Rice

PM Snacks: C2 Apple and Magic Flakes Cheese

Dinner: Roasted Baby Back Ribs with Marbled Potatoes and Buttered Corn

Healthy and delicious meals for the family does not have to be expensive. There are now various Davao Meal Plans available in the area too. But to fully relish and experience meal planning, whenever you are thinking on “where to order an Affordable Meal plan in Davao” and “where to buy a meal plan near me” look up Instakart Davao and we’ll have all ingredients you need delivered in no time. Happy shopping!