Instakart: Your on-the-go neighborhood store

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The new normal have prompted most consumers to wait in long queues to pick up their groceries. Some lines even snake up to the streets due to the need to socially distance from each other. From the usual one to three hours of grocery shopping, it can almost take a day for it to accomplish. 

With the shift of gears brought by the current pandemic, Instakart by FAB Century Supermart, a davao online grocery delivery provides an online shopping experience that is instant and safe. It alleviates the time-consuming requirement to wait in long queues as an online platform is provided to shop for value-for-money items.

Instead of navigating within the maze of a supermarket, consumers can just scroll through the list of items without the hassle of pushing a cart while searching for the items they want to purchase. A category section is also added in the menu so shoppers can easily identify what they need.

At the comfort of your homes, you can order a wide array of fresh meat and seafood, beverages, snacks, canned products, beauty essentials, home care and kitchen necessities and many more. With just a few clicks and scrolls on your mobile phones/desktop computers, shoppers won’t need to go outside anymore and worry about their safety. With Instakart, just order online and your items will delivered right to your doorstep. 

3-step Shopping System

To make your lives easier, you can already order your needs in just 3 easy steps.

First is to shop. Navigate through the selection of products and just click add to cart for the item you wish to have. You can also choose the quantity you want for each item. Second, once all items you need are in your cart already, click checkout to process the purchase of your order. Third, payment can be done in any of the following methods: Cash on Delivery, GCash, Bank Deposit.

Delivery Guidelines

What’s unique of Instakart is that it provides a same day grocery delivery in Davao City. For a minimum of 500 pesos worth of items, shoppers can qualify for the local delivery system already and have their items delivered to their respective homes. 

The delivery system only operates within the Davao City area. For the schedule of delivery, exact arrival of items is not guaranteed due to the high volume of orders Instakart processes. A cutoff system is also being observed to properly cater every shopper’s needs. Listed below are the guidelines for the cutoff system:

Orders placed before 12:00PM are delivered the same day

Orders placed beyond 12:00PM are delivered the next day

Orders placed beyond 12:00PM on Saturday are delivered on Monday

Shoppers can also opt for a store pickup option. Just allow at least one hour to properly process your order then you will be immediately notified once it is ready for pickup. Instakart’s storefront is located at Matina Aplaya.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now at Instakart and avoid the hassle of long queues. With Instakart, you can now already order groceries online in Davao City.