Instakart's Affordable Meal Plan Segment for the Week

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Affordable Meal Kit in Davao City

Even though snacking has developed a bad image along the way, snacks can be an important part of the diet. They can provide energy in between meals and can also prevent us from overeating. We all sometimes get hungry between meals. When we don't slake our hunger with a little snack before mealtime, those hunger pangs are more likely to make us overeat. If you're feeling bad about grabbing a snack a couple of hours before lunch or dinner, don't – instead, grab something rich in carbs like fruit or whole grains, and combine it with nuts, dairy, or other protein-rich foods. Not only do these foods contain important nutrients, they're also the most filling. For this week's clean and fresh meal plan in Davao segment, we are including two snacks for the day. This ensures that you and the entire family will have enough energy to last through the day. 


Breakfast: Quaker Oats, Fresh Milk, Apple and Orange Slices

AM Snacks: Egg Sandwich and Orange Juice 

Lunch:  Crispy Pata with Sukang Pinakurat, Steamed Okra and Talong, and Rice

PM Snacks: Quaker Oatmeal Cookies Honey Nuts and Fresh Buko Juice 

Dinner: Sinabawang Tuna Panga and Rice


Breakfast: Lumpia Shanghai, Scrambled Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Tuna Sandwich and Pineapple Juice

Lunch:  Beef Loaf, Buttered Corn,  and Rice

PM Snacks: Chocolate Fudgee Bar and Buko Juice with Milk

Dinner: Roast Chicken with Steamed Potatoes and Rice


Breakfast: Tocino, Boiled Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Nutella Sandwich and Apple Juice 

Lunch: Canned Sausage, Buttered Mushroom, and Rice

PM Snacks: Quaker Oatmeal Cookies Raisins  and Chocolate Milk

Dinner: Calamares, Pepino Salad, and Rice


Breakfast: Corned Beef, Sunny side up Egg, and Rice

AM Snacks: Cheese Sandwich and Apple Ice Tea

Lunch:  Fish Fillet with Mayonnaise and Ketchup Dip paired with Rice

PM Snacks: Rebisco Peanut Butter  and Water 

Dinner: Buttered Shrimp and Corn paired with Rice


Breakfast: Pork and Beans with Egg and Rice 

AM Snacks: Butter Sandwich and Chocolate Milk 

Lunch: Longganisa, Cucumber Salad, and Rice

PM Snacks: Quaker Oatmeal Cookies Chocolate Chip and Nestea Lemon

Dinner: Sinigang na Baboy and Rice


Breakfast: Chorizo, Tomato Salad, and Rice

AM Snacks: Margarine Sandwich and Fresh Milk 

Lunch: Luncheon Meat and Rice 

PM Snacks: Ace Choco Crackers and Water

Dinner: Sinugbang Tuna Panga and Rice


Breakfast: Sardines with Egg and Rice

AM Snacks: Egg and Cucumber Sandwich paired with Orange Juice

Lunch:  Crispy Coated Shrimp and Rice

PM Snacks: Piyaya and Honey Blend Iced Tea

Dinner: Adobong Pusit, Cucumber and Tomato Salad, and Rice 

Next time you’re feeling sluggish between meals, consider grabbing a healthy snack. Choose foods from two food groups to keep your tummy satisfied and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stay energized. This is, once again, Instakart’s  simple guide for meal planning beginners. Do note that the Best Meal Plans in Davao are the ones you yourself made for your family- considering their wants, needs, and allergies on hand. On where to buy Meal Plan near me, simply shop your needs at Instakart Davao, anytime, anywhere. With all the ingredients within your reach, meal planning has never been this simple.