Instakart's Rainy Week Meal Plan

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Although we’d rather the weather be beautiful all the time, there’s still plenty to love about a rainy day. Gloomy days are an adequate excuse to put your hectic life aside and actually relax. Rainy days can be opportunities to finally get the laundry and leftover house cleaning done, but they can also be the perfect backdrop for an hours-long movie marathon. Whatever you plan for the week, a trusted Davao online store like Instakart has you covered. From home care and kitchen essentials, we are a Davao grocery online and delivery you can rely on whenever, wherever. 

Rainy days call for warm, satisfying comfort food to accompany Netflix and fuzzy socks. But before you hit the frozen foods aisle for a microwaveable, MSG-packed lasagna, consider using the free time you have indoors to cook yourself a delicious rainy day meal. Just because it’s gross outside, doesn’t mean you need to eat gross food. Since there is no doubt that you don’t want to leave the house when it's raining, ordering for a food delivery may sound appealing, but this rainy day weekly meal plan will be more satisfying and cost-effective. Whether you want a lazy day with minimal effort in the kitchen or you’d rather spend the day trying out a challenging dish, this will surely hit the spot. We picked out some of the most comforting dishes you can make with Instakart for you to cozy up with while the rain pours outside. 


Breakfast: Butter, Bread, Scrambled Egg,  and Milk 

Snacks: Hot Chocolate Drink (Milo) and Piyaya

Lunch: Longganisa, Rice, and Pineapple Juice

Dinner: Sinigang na Hipon and Rice


Breakfast: Lumpia Shanghai, Sunny Side  Up Egg, and Rice 

Snacks: Energen Chocolate and Hansel Milk

Lunch: Sauteed Corned Beef and Rice

Dinner: Sinabawang Tuna, Rice, and Sprite


Breakfast: Pork Tocino, Scrambled Egg, and Rice

Snacks: Hot Milk and Chocolate Cream-O

Lunch:  Bola-Bola, Rice, and Ice Tea

Dinner: Beef Steak, Rice, and Royal Orange


Breakfast: Pork and Beans with Egg and Rice

Snacks: Ovaltine and Quaker Oats Cookies

Lunch: Buttered Shrimp, Rice, and Ice Tea

Dinner: Pork Bone Soup and Rice


Breakfast:  Luncheon Meat, Chicken Loaf, and Rice

Snacks: Buko Juice and Fudgee Bar

Lunch: Tuna Pasta and Orange Juice 

Dinner: Chicken Tinola and Rice


Breakfast: Tuna Omelette and Rice

Snacks: Hot Chocolate Drink and Rebisco Butter 

Lunch: Adobong Chicken Liver, Rice, and Coca-Cola

Dinner: Beef Ribs Soup and Rice 


Breakfast: Tocino, Egg, and Rice

Snacks: Energen Pandesal Mate and Loaf Bread 

Lunch: Cream Dory Fillet and Rice

Dinner: Crispy Pata, Rice, and Sparkle

Meal planning helps you be more efficient at deciding the quantities of meals you and your family will consume, and this keeps you from throwing away food. Planning your meals is a great way for you to reduce food waste and save on your grocery bills while helping the environment. During the rainy season, it will also help you be better prepared for any inconvenience that may come your way. Remember that in the midst of a pandemic, being prepared is the key to survival.

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