It’s Rainy Season: Time to Clean and Disinfect

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Rainy season in the Philippines has arrived. It can be seen in the series of monsoons coming into the country. Wilting plants due to the severe heat in summer are starting to come back to life and dried patches of land are now quenched. But for most of us, this also means mud in the house. With kids running around, it can be quite a challenge for parents out there. 

Studies show that we need to clean more during the rainy season. At this rate and with coronavirus still looming over us, we have to schedule weekly general cleaning and disinfecting in the entire house. To make this easier for you, we have round-up tips to make your home squeaky clean during rainy days:

Designate a mudroom area right before the disinfecting mat. The mudroom area is where the family should take off shoes and slippers after going out in the rain. This is where you should keep the shoe and bag rack too. Since we are making sure that the mud and the virus cannot get into our houses, it is important to thoroughly clean and disinfect this area every after use. One effective disinfectant against coronavirus is Lysol disinfectant spray. While there are already over 400 products approved by the EPA list as effective against the virus, Lysol products are the first to be tested directly against SARS-CoV-2. So make sure you and your family are extra safe at home. Frequently clean the mudroom area and make sure to disinfect. 

Use disinfectants when cleaning the floor. Microbes and harmful bacteria thrive in damp places. Since rainy seasons tend to keep the level of moisture high, it is important to use disinfectants to prevent mildew and bacteria from growing. For this, you can simply use soap and water for cleaning and for disinfecting use chlorine and water. 

Maintain a clean washroom. Since this is where you normally wash the dirt off, it is the dirtiest part of the house. You may clean your bathroom regularly or every after use to make sure the dirt doesn’t stay on the floor or bathroom walls. A clean floor also dries up easily compared if there’s dirt lodged at the corners of your bathroom tiles. For thorough cleaning and disinfecting in the washroom area use trusted bleach like Zonrox. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with water.

Keep your bedsheets clean. Moisture can affect linens so change it and clean it every two weeks. A high level of moisture in the air is present and through this bacteria may be able to thrive in your sheets. So make sure to thoroughly wash them with your trusted detergent and use a fabric conditioner to keep it clean and soft. 

Prevent insect infestation. With monsoon comes a warm humid environment perfect for insects to survive in-- most especially mosquitoes. Open water is breeding ground for mosquitoes so make sure that during the rainy season, there are no open buckets of water anywhere near your house. Dengue cases are rising in the Philippines so it is important to be wary about this too. Every time you do your deep cleaning, make sure to use Baygon too.

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