Keeping the Kids Healthy with Instakart Davao

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The first leg of the shift to online classes is now starting at most schools in Davao City. These days we can now see moms and dads posting pictures and videos of their kids online as a commemoration of the first week of class. While we are all still trying to wrap our heads around the idea of doing most things remotely, it is undeniable that the changes happening each day can be quite overwhelming. 

To help you in these trying times, Instakart, an online grocery and delivery in Davao, is here to take care of your grocery needs. With us, you can now prepare an instant affordable meal plan in Davao. So while you’re at it, make sure to make a list of everything you need for the week. Now more than ever, despite our busy schedule, we have to keep our kids healthy and active too. They need all the vitamins and nutrients we can offer to make sure they last through the day. With this, here are some protein available at Instakart Davao you can make use at home:

Beef Ribs. Tender, falling-off-the-bone ribs make for a satisfying meal. At 210 calories per 3-ounce portion -- before sauce -- ribs might not be the most diet-conscious option for a main course, but they provide you with essential minerals, vitamins and protein. Keep your calorie intake in check by practicing healthy cooking techniques when preparing ribs. One healthy way to prepare beef ribs is through making it a soup. Put potatoes, pechay, and carlang in one pot and it will be one steamy and tasty meal perfect for the rainy season. 

Chicken Liver. Livers are also loaded with iron to give you energy and a treasure trove of certain B vitamins, most notably B12. This nutritional profile makes them a good choice for anyone prone to anaemia. Chicken livers are also one of the top sources of vitamin A, which helps eye health. One way to prepare this is through making the classic Adobong Chicken Liver. Make sure to pair it up with a hearty amount of rice because this will surely be a crowd’s favorite. 

Lean Beef. This is categorized as a red meat and is highly nutritious because of its protein. This meat promotes muscle maintenance and growth. Lean Beef contains varying amounts of healthy fat which are linked to many health benefits. It is also an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, iron, niacin, and vitamin B6. One way to cook this is through making one savory steak paired with buttered vegetables. This will be a sure hit not only to the kids but for the husband as well. 

It may sound easier to simply order a meal plan in Davao and pay for what it costs. But among the things that the government keeps on reminding us is also to save money. We do not know when the pandemic will end and our economy has been severely affected too. Thus, we need to make sure that we are wise in dealing with every change we have to keep up with. Grocery runs? Stay home. Instakart Davao will do it for you.