Kitchen FAQs 101 with Instakart Davao

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Have you ever heard of the phrase, “cooking is science” and have you ever wondered why many claim this to be true? To begin with, cooking is very much like experimenting. You mix all the ingredients together, mix and match each, and make sure they have a symphony of flavors that will all match together. 

Just like any experiments, each ingredient is crucial because each one may make or break your dish. This is why Instakart, a Davao online grocery and delivery, has always been keen in making sure that we have all the ingredients you need to make that  warm, hearty dish for the family.

Tomato Sauce vs. Tomato Paste 

For some, this may make no difference but to start with, the tomato paste is what you get after reducing tomato sauce into a dark-crimson spread. As Andrew Bui, the editor of Tasting Table states, “Intensely flavored, a small dab of the paste adds a hint of tomato flavor to a dish without the excess liquid that comes with using fresh tomatoes. And while this means tomato paste is the gold-star condiment that can make anything taste like it's been cooking for hours, keep in mind the pronounced sweetness can sometimes be overpowering. In that case, a splash of vinegar will help balance out your dish.” Tomato paste is usually used in small amounts because of its intense flavor. This is usually incorporated with savory Filipino dishes like Caldereta, Pork Giniling, and Pork Sinigang. 

Tomato sauce on the other hand is a seasoned product. The taste may vary per brand but it will most definitely taste a bit sweet, salty, and a whole lot of tangy compared to the tomato paste. It is also watery in consistency and is usually used for pizza, stews, braises, and the most common use of it for Filipinos: sawsawan. 

Margarine vs. Butter

While there are a lot of discussions about this duo, one thing is for sure: both are healthy. Both are used for many same purposes, the primary factor that sets each apart is what they’re made from. 

Butter is the  dairy product made from churning milk or cream. According to Kelli Foster of Ktchn, “the churning process separates the butterfat (the solid) from the buttermilk (the liquid).”  Butter is usually added in a dish for its dainty taste. It is also the primary ingredient of most desserts and even some of our favorite pastas. 

Margarine on the other hand is a non-dairy product created as a substitute for butter. The primary ingredients of this include vegetable oil, water, salt, and emulsifier. Margarine is usually used to add strong flavors to the dish. It is best paired with fish and is Filipinos’ favorite pair with Fried Rice. 

Bagoong vs. Alamang 

Both are actually the same and vary only with the kind of meat used. Bagoong is made of fermented fish and salt while Alamang is made of fermented shrimp and salt. Both are equally tasty and can be used just like the other. Mostly used in the Philippines as sawsawan, these two are simply one of the most savory dishes there is. 

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