Kitchen Storage Hacks for Tight Home Spaces

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Kitchen Storage Hack

As Alyssa Longobucco, a lifestyle writer puts it, “No one ever has enough kitchen storage or counter space. Literally, no one. So if your kitchen is relegated to, say, just a few cabinets in the corner of a room, you likely really feel the stress of figuring out how to make everything work.” One of the places in our homes we have to make the most of is the kitchen. With all kinds of produce and products, not only should we maximize the area, the proper temperature on where to store the goods should also be considered. Instakart rounded up some tips and tricks to help maintain a full pantry as easy as 1, 2, 3. 


Remember the golden rule. First out, first in. Basically, put the newest boxes and containers behind what's already open. Keep things organized with bins, labels, and clear tupperware. Whenever you shop, make sure to check the expiration dates too. This way, you’ll know which one to consume first. For canned goods and instant noodles, you can always buy online grocery and delivery at Instakart Davao. With our same day delivery, you no longer have to go out of the house for your needs. Focus your energy on stacking up the pantry the right way. In the midst of all this chaos, organizing can be quite a relief. 


Turn cabinets and pantry shelves into drawers. We love a shelf when it’s on the wall but when it’s in a cabinet or a pantry, it can be really hard to see what’s buried deep in the back. That’s why, especially in small kitchens (where there’s not a lot of room to get in there), you have to prefer drawers. If you can’t renovate, simply add baskets to these shelves so that you can pull them out to access what’s in the back. This is the best place to store your Instakart breakfast staples like oats, chocolate milk powder, and the likes. 


Store pans sideways. It seems like no matter how hard we try to keep our pots and pans organized, they're always a jumbled — and noisy — mess. Stack pans, cutting boards, lids, and baking sheets horizontally to limit any future frustration. Since this is the most convenient way to store the pans, make sure that all pans are extra clean when you stack them together. Instakart’s steel wool and other home care products will be beneficial in this set up. 


Hang your pots. A pot rack is a time-honored storage trick for a small kitchen, saving on cabinet space and keeping the cookware within easy, instant reach. Add some hanging containers and you can even rack up flatware, Instakart spices, or fresh herbs. 


Group by color. You color-coordinate your clothes, so why wouldn't you carry that organizing style throughout the room in your house that you use most? Exactly. Color coding lets you reap the benefits of open shelving (flexibility) without the downside (visible clutter). This also applies to what you buy, this helps you easily identify which product is placed where which leads to lesser mess when preparing something in the kitchen. 


With these tips and tricks, your kitchen will be spotless in no time. Spend quality time at home today and as much as possible refrain from going out, still. On where to buy online grocery near me and what is the Best Online store in Davao, do make sure to check out Instakart. With our wide array of choices, shopping has never been this easy.