Making July Birthdays One to Remember

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Budget Meal Food Idea

If you’ve already celebrated an occasion in the midst of the pandemic, or perhaps know someone that already has, you know for a fact that celebrations which require social distancing can be quite limiting. In the meantime, we cannot invite all of our friends and family to celebrate the day with us-- no late karaoke nights, no trips outside the country with friends, and no going to local attractions with the family. Instead, we make do with intimate celebrations with the people around us. 

It is good to take comfort in the fact that through little ways, we can still enjoy and celebrate occasions that are dear to us. Celebrating your birthday at home this month? Here are three reasons why more people are enjoying this kind of “party”:

  1. Intimate celebrations are budget-friendly. With lesser people to celebrate your day with, the lesser people you have to prepare a meal for. This means that a considerable amount of money will be saved on your part! Plus, this will give you unlimited choices of how you want to enjoy the day. Top it off with your favorite Filipino comfort food- a crispy Lechon Kawali, melt-in-your-mouth savory Adobong Hito, and a juicy, marinated Sinugbang Baboy-- all of which are better and tastier when home-cooked. Save time and budget through ordering your ingredients in a Davao online supermarket that offers all the ingredients you need-- just like Instakart Davao. 
  2. It makes you give more attention and time to the people who matter most. Intimate celebrations make the day more personal. With only the people closest to your heart to spend it with, this is surely a day to remember. Be it a celebration through a quite cozy dinner, a simple movie marathon with the family, or a fun steak out in the backyard, intimate celebrations are sure to warm a tired soul. 
  3. It ensures the safety of everyone at home. Celebrations are a great quick escape to the reality we are facing. But it is also important to keep safety a priority. With an unseen virus as the enemy, we can never be too careful these days. So while it is great to have fun and chill for a while, we must not let our guard down. As much as we’d want to have the entire gang and family to come over, we must resist it as much as we can. The virus chooses no one and being too complacent may cost us more than it should. 

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