New Normal on the Food Retail Industry

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In an article entitled “Reimagining Food Retail in Asia after Covid-19” written by Dymfke Kuijpers, Simon Wintels, and Naomi Yamakawa, it states that: “as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, threatening lives as well as livelihoods, it has clarified the vital role that grocery retailers play in society. Consumers expect these businesses to keep them fed and healthy, and groceries remain essential retailers in an uncertain situation that continues to evolve day by day.” This shed light on the importance of the food retail industry. 

The food retail industry is all food other than restaurant food that is purchased by consumers and consumed off-premise. This is one of the industries severely hit by the onset of the pandemic. But as with everyone else, must strive to keep up with all the changes and detours brought by the pandemic. Instakart, one of the trusted online stores and delivery in Davao.  offered our services at the peak of the series of lockdowns. As we are slowly transitioning to a new normal, here are some we have observed and practiced along the way:

A rapid online shift has been done. The e-commerce platform has been reeling in the amount of food retail stores that shifted online. This started during the series of lockdowns in most countries and has been carried on until now as more consumers were able to realize the convenience it gives to our daily lives. 

The safety of the consumers has to be ensured. Aside from the usual: hygiene and cleanliness in service and products, consumers now also need to be ensured that what is delivered to them is safe and virus free. A lot of research claims coronavirus can last for hours on a surface. With this, the industry has to be more conscious and compliant when it comes to disinfecting and handling products at all costs. 

Most are now leaning towards a healthy and balanced well being. The onset of the pandemic led to more people focusing on boosting immunity through proper diet and exercise. There has also been a significant increase in the consumption of products that are believed to be healthy like fresh produce, eggs, dairy, and bottled water. 

Adaptation of payment and delivery areas. Along with the online shift of most stores in the retail business, their mode of payment also had to be flexible. Cashless transactions are now encouraged since the use of money may also be a risk. Delivery services now also include curbside, pickup, and delivery. Whichever the customer finds convenient, it is the way to go. 

Customer loyalty can be bended. Location and availability of goods (often, fresh products) are the primary reasons why consumers have changed stores. In most countries, promotions or pricing has not emerged as a top-three reason for switching to different stores. We now prefer an “online grocery near me” than those that take hours before the products reach us. 

These are only some of the changes the food retail industry has to keep up with. Instakart Davao has always been religious in implementing each one for your safety and convenience. With this in mind, the next time you wonder where to shop online in Davao City, do make sure to check out Instakart Davao. With our wide variety of choices and value for money products, online grocery has never been this easy!