On Preparing for the Next Covid Wave: How are Food Retailers Coping?

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When the first lockdown was announced in the country, grocery shelves were almost empty. Canned goods, instant noodles, disinfectants, even baking supplies have all been bought. Admittedly, most of the suppliers in the Philippines have been overwhelmed by this. In fact, this action caused a major ripple effect in the supply chain due to its heightened demand. The idea behind this is simple: we all want to survive.

While the number of recoveries in the Philippines is rising every day, it is notable that the number of positive cases is rising too- even faster than that of the recoveries. Four months since the series of lockdowns and we haven’t flattened the curve yet. In fact, studies show that we are not yet on the peak too. With the way coronavirus acts in most countries that have already put it under control, coronavirus always has a second wave. With the way things are looking, the Philippines is yet to have ours. With this in mind, how exactly are retailers preparing for this? 

Companies have already learned their lesson from the supply chain impact the coronavirus had. Therefore a shift in strategies have been carefully curated and planned for. “Food manufacturers, producers and suppliers at all levels of the market saw various forms of disruption due to the first wave. We've seen some cracks in the food supply chain," Glenn Pappalardo, a food and beverage strategy and initiatives partner at JPG Resources said in an interview with the ABC News. 

First is the supply of canned goods and instant noodles. With the big jump these have gone through the first wave, most large companies especially abroad are now stocking up their supplies by at least 50% of what they usually do. 

Second, even established major brands in the snack industry are also doing the same thing. With the onset of the pandemic and being cooped up in the house, a nostalgia of what once was, may have triggered most consumers’ wants. 

Third, the baking supplies have also stocked up their supply too. With their elevated level of ingredient supplies, most people who are baking their way out of the quarantine no longer have to worry much. This simply means that the crack in the supply chain brought about by the pandemic, will also be the same thing we’ll be preparing for in the second wave. 

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