Online Shopping: The New Normal MGCQ Offers

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Three months after the rapid onset of the coronavirus in our country, many places are now shifting from the General Community Quarantine to the Modified General Community Quarantine. This means more businesses will be allowed to operate and more establishments will be open to the public. Despite the gradual loosening of protocols during this pandemic, it is essential to remember that: THE VIRUS IS STILL HERE. It is still alive and can still affect you and your family.

New normal guidelines are still being practiced all over the country. According to WHO-Westen Pacific Region Office Technical Officer Takeshi Nishijima during a press briefing organized by the Department of Health Philippines,  “it is still very important to stay at home for the public to prevent further spread of the infection. I think we need to be very careful. If we stop staying at home and stop (practicing infection prevention) measures… we might still see… increasing number of new cases.”

It is important that we never let our guards down despite the seemingly normal state of things today.  What exactly should we do to make sure we and the people around us are safe?

  1. Practice Social Distancing at all costs- Social Distancing Guidelines are well provided everywhere we go. This helps ensure slowing down the spread of the virus to the community. For us, it means we have to be at least 6 feet or more away from each other to avoid getting infected or infecting others. Temporarily closing schools, directives to work from homes, canceling meetings, are also integral parts of practicing this protocol.
  2. Always wash your hands and wear masks- Washing your hands frequently eliminates the chances of virus lingering on your body This is a preventive measure strictly being implemented all over the country. Masks protect us and the people around us. Since coronavirus primarily spreads when someone breathes in droplets containing virus that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, this serves as a necessary protective barrier.
  3. Avoid Public Places like Malls, Markets, and Shopping Centers- Despite practicing proper social distancing,it is still possible to catch the virus through touching products that have been exposed to a COVID positive patient. With the rising number of asymptomatic patients in the country, this is highly probable. This is why we are recommending you to seek an online grocery in  Davao City. One that will preferably make sure that all items are disinfected before delivering to your homes.

It is definitely easier and lighter to assume that everything is slowly going back to the normal we used to have. But this is not the case. Unless a vaccine will be widely produced for everyone, our normal will always include social distancing, wearing masks, frequent washing of hands, and most importantly, staying at home. With the rise of the internet and its accessibility to the people, we can use this to our advantage. We can stay at home, safe and sound, while not worrying about our safety. Davao grocery markets are available online. One of the currently most recommended is Instakart Davao. Whether you need to cook a hearty meal, bake goodies, or are simply running out of kitchen essentials, and self-care kits, Instakart Davao has this for you. Safety, efficiency, and same-day delivery are what we guarantee.