Online Shopping: What Lies Ahead

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As the number of positive coronavirus cases grows more and more each month, it has been brought to light that most of us come to the supermarket or the public market, to make sure supplies last for our families. Since most of us do not own any private vehicles, we opt to ride taxis and jeepneys to arrive at our destinations. We go to the market, get a cart other people have already used, take all the ingredients we need-- which means touching more products that have been exposed to the public, and most of the time, the long queues in the market do not follow proper social distancing at all. Whereas food is on top of our priority to survive this pandemic, we do have a choice to lessen our chances of getting the virus. It is worth noting that in a recent study conducted by the University of California, “the coronavirus is detectable up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours in cardboard, and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.” This means that the more we touch products, the more likely chance we’ll catch the virus. 

The Filipinos’ resilience has always been lauded. We never give up. We always find a way to rise and conquer any adversities. This is why when the series of lockdowns were implemented in the country, entrepreneurs were quick to adapt and make online platforms to feature their products. There has been a substantial rise in the number of Davao online shops and delivery services and online supermarkets have been the new normal. This led to a more convenient and safe shopping experience for everyone. 

An article by Katrina B. and Benedict L. entitled “ECommerce Consumers in the Philippines at a Glance” states that “seventy-one percent, that is seventy-six million of the country’s total population of 107.3 million people are active internet users. Of that number, 70% have purchased a product or service online in the past month.” With the drastic changes brought to us by the global pandemic, more and more people are shifting to online platforms to shop and get what we need. 

Baguio based Session groceries, which also delivers to Metro Manila and nearby provinces said that as of April 11, it closed 12,00 sales transactions, compared to around 4,800 from January to the end of March last year. This is how fast the online market is growing. With the constant rise in the number of people affected by the virus every day,  online grocery and shopping are now considered essential for our safety. 

After this pandemic, online grocery and shopping will be a thing of the past, right? Maryam Mohsin, an expert in e-commerce and drop shipping at Oberlo, answers that  “the future of e-commerce after Covid-19 is very much alive. Experts are predicting that the impact of the coronavirus will not just be a short-term boost to e-commerce but one that’s here to stay even after the pandemic. This is because people will get comfortable with the comfort and convenience it offers and the benefits of contactless payments, both of which are likely to cause a permanent behavioral shift towards digital purchases.”

We may not know how long this pandemic will last. But one thing is for sure; the online market is here to stay for a long time. If you haven’t found a trusted online supermarket yet, check out our wide product selections here at Instakart Davao and delight in value-for-money items. We offer same-day delivery and guarantee proper handling from preparing your order all the way to delivery! If you haven’t shifted to an online supermarket yet, what are you waiting for?