Pinoy Snacks to Enjoy at Instakart

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Who does not love snacks? Certainly not us Filipinos! They say that there is a fine line between memory and taste. This is the reason why there are certain foods that appeal to us more than the others; our senses remember. A lot of Filipino snacks were part of our growth and even in the present, some bring a certain kind of nostalgia for us. From sharing snacks with a classmate during recess time all the way to bringing snacks during road trips, Instakart, has all these in store for you. So make sure your kids won’t miss out on these delights too.

Piaya. This is a sweet, warm, flaky flatbread with muscovado sugar in the middle. The gooey texture everytime you bite is what really hooks you in this snack. 

Snaku. These small green chips are absolutely packed with a salty and flavorful taste. Despite its strong marketing about being a vegetable based snack, it must still be taken moderately. Munch on them while watching your favorite movie or reading a book, it is quite addictive.  

Peanut Brittle. A type of confection consisting of flat, broken pieces of hard candy with nuts embedded in it. It is quite a chewy snack making it much more enjoyable for kids to munch on. 

Fish Cracker. Deep fried crackers made from fish and spices, this is the common favorite snack of kids and adults. Pair it with vinegar and you are good to go. 

Chicharon. These mouthwatering pork cracklings are a national favorite, which are best dipped in vinegar and enjoyed with a bottle of soda. If you're watching your cholesterol, there are other options out there, like mushroom chicharon. 

Iced Gem Biscuits. Biscuits topped with candy, nothing tops Iced Gem Biscuits when it comes to that. Each pastel-colored icing biscuits make it more appealing to taste each color. Eat the icing or the biscuit first or simply eat both at the same time, either way, it will be all done in no time. 

Ace Chocolate Crackers. This delight comes in two flavors: milk and chocolate. But one big hit for everyone is the chocolate. Not only is it a great snack, it can also be made into munchkins and even as a base for some desserts. 

Sky Flakes. With its crisp taste and oven-baked freshness, each bite is as tasty as ever. Best paired with Coke, it is most often the staple snack of Filipinos out there. 

Choco Mallows. This has a cracker-like base on the bottom and a soft marshmallow on top all coated with a generous amount of chocolate. With three of our favorites in one snack, there is no wonder why many love this snack. 

Super Bawang. A garlic flavored fried corn with real fried garlic bits perfect for snacks or pulutan. Usually best paired with juice to match its salty, garlicky taste, this is one treat you can finish while having a great talk with friends and family. 

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