Protective Face Masks: Which One Should You Use?

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On July 29, 2020 alone, the number of recorded positive coronavirus cases in Davao City reached 36 cases with 2 new deaths. This leads to a total of 833 cases in our City. It feels like every day the number of new cases is not dropping. In fact, in Luzon, several private hospitals especially in Manila have already declared full capacity and can no longer accept coronavirus disease patients. With this, the government is adding more stringent measures to contain the virus. 

Here in Davao City, not wearing masks in public is punishable by law. Social distancing is being implemented at all costs and the barangay pass coding has to be implemented to ensure that people won’t go out of their houses all at the same time. But through it all, one of the strictest implementations is wearing masks at all times. This is because doing so reduces the spread of the virus. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “ there is increasing evidence that up to 25% of carriers who don’t show symptoms themselves are spreading coronavirus to others.  If everyone wears a mask in public, it will reduce the risk that asymptomatic carriers who don’t realize they are infected will spread the virus to others. Wearing a mask may also reduce your risk of getting infected with coronavirus.”  A properly filtered mask gives a two-way protection for the wearer and for the people around us. There are now many face masks for sale in Davao but before we choose what we will use, we must first know which mask will protect us the most. 

Fabric/ Cloth mask- There are many things to consider when buying or making a fabric mask. The ideal type of fabric should be one that has a thicker, high thread count, and a tighter weave. It should have at least two layers of fabric and must be made sure that you can breathe through it too. Choosing a cloth mask because of its dainty design won’t protect you these days. Cloth masks should also be tightly and comfortably secured behind your ears or your head and neck. This way, you can be assured that no contamination may happen despite having a mask on. 

Surgical masks. These are made from a more porous material and have a looser fit than that of an N95 mask. This is more effective at limiting the spread of droplets from coughs and sneezes coming from the wearer-- which is the most important part because the coronavirus can be transmitted through droplets of these actions. These are fluid resistant which helps the wearer against contamination.

N95 masks. Filtering facepiece N95 respirators offer more protection against airborne particles than surgical masks or cloth face covers, because they are intended to be tight-fitting and can filter both large and small particles, including aerosols. This is able to block out small particle aerosols and large droplets through which the virus is transmitted. 

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