Quick Breakfast for a Busy Day

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Perhaps, just like most of us, you’re trying to make it during these trying times. You wake up early and go to bed late. The line between personal and work life has been blurred. Growing your business or meeting deadlines for work constitutes a big part of your day, often at the expense of missing your breakfast simply because there’s not enough time to prepare, sometimes even money to spare. But is this a great way to start a busy day? In the midst of a health crisis, you have to make sure you are impeccably healthy.

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day and it is called that for a good reason. This meal breaks the overnight fast you had while you were asleep. Breakfasts replenish your energy and alertness for the day. It can give you the energy and mental clarity needed to be creative, productive, and focused. But this does not mean it has to be expensive and time-consuming. Here are three classic Filipino breakfast favorites that you may want to stock up on:

Longganisa. Made with varying ratios of lean meat and fat, along with garlic, black pepper, salt, salt, pepper, muscovado, and vinegar-- it is a combination of sweet, tasty, and garlicky taste you’d love to start your day with. Pair it up with scrambled egg and rice and a complete meal is laid out for you. This will not take much of your time as it only takes a maximum of 3-4 minutes to fry a pair. Longganisa for sale is also very easy to find as this is one of the go-to food of most Pinoys out there.

Tocino. Prepared by slicing pork belly meat into thin strips sprinkled with a mixture of anise wine, annatto, water, sugar, and salt- it is a pack of sweet, tender, meaty goodness. With every bite, a spoonful of rice is absolutely necessary. Tocino for sale can be seen in almost every group on Facebook or may be sold by your friend but it is important to note that you should only buy this from accredited stores to make sure that it is safe and well prepared.  

Chorizo. Flavored with indigenous spices and often dyed red with achuete seeds, it offers a burst of earthy flavors in every bite. It is also a very versatile food. Not feeling like having rice for breakfast? A chorizo pasta can be your saving grace. It is quick, easy, and convenient in any way. Finding a chorizo for sale is relatively easy if you know the right place to buy one.

These dishes' long history tells us there is no standard recipe and their preparation is open to both local creativity and innovation. Nevertheless, they have distinct flavors that Filipinos always look for, and those flavors are magnified by the quality and freshness of the meat. Too busy to shop for these? There is no need to worry. Instakart, a Davao online and grocery service offers all these delicacies in one safe channel. With our same-day delivery, Instakart helps you save time and have fresh tasty meals all at once. Why skip breakfast when you can order online and have fresh breakfast classics such as tocino, chorizo and longganisa delivered right to your doorstep? Stay home and shop online today with Instakart Davao.