Startup 101: How to Keep Customers Satisfied

Posted by Instashopper Davao on

Davao Online Supermarket

Instakart Davao is a striving startup in Davao City. We have been operating for months and was formed at the peak of the series of quarantines happening in the City. Our goal is simple: to provide a safe channel where Dabawenyos can get what they need safely and with a service, they no less than deserved. The term startup refers to a company in the first stage of its operations. Startups are founded by one or more entrepreneurs who want to develop a product or service for which they believe there is a demand. 

As one of the Davao online supermarkets and delivery in town, we value transparency in our service and have learned through others too. With this, we are sharing with you today four core practices we embody to keep you satisfied despite us still on the first steps of our entrepreneur journey.

Quick Average Response Time. We make sure to keep track of the average time we get back to you. When you reach out, as much as we can, we immediately follow through. We make sure to keep an eye on our communication trackers whether it be the phone, email, or live chat. We are ready to answer any questions, accommodate any feedback, or address any issue you have with us.  We stay true to what Ameen Khwaja, a fellow entrepreneur eloquently said in one of his Entrepreneur posts: "Be genuinely committed to providing more customer service excellence than anyone else in your industry. This commitment must be so powerful that every one of your customers can sense it."  Here in Instakart Davao, we don't simply respond faster, we also change faster.

Track Customer Referrals. We believe that a word of mouth recommendation is one of the most priceless assets we can have these days. After all, this is the most effective and reliable kind of marketing there is. We keep track of each referral you make in order to gauge where we are now. Measuring it is easy: the more people you refer us to, the more you are satisfied with our service. We like to keep track of the things we can still improve on and with your help, it has been by far a breeze. 

Customer Retention. While some of you freely voice out your feedback about our products and services through social media or through any communication conveniently available to you, one that really keeps us going are the ones who continue to buy products with us. We are growing and expanding by the day and we couldn’t be more humbled of the support each of you has given us. 

Post Conversion Activity. After you have made a transaction with us, we do like to check up on you once in a while. We loop you in with our current updates and content through the constant emails that we send you. This way, we can keep you updated of all the new products and exclusive discounts we have to offer. 

Instakart Davao is customer-driven. To put it simply, you are the heart of our business. This is why if you have noticed, each pricing and billing of our products have been carefully considered to make sure that you get what you need at a lower price for a greater value. Many have already tagged us as your most trusted online and grocery delivery in Davao City and while this humbles us to an extent, rest assured that we will offer nothing but a service you no less than deserve, whenever, wherever.