Supporting Local, Buying Local

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The recent pandemic has taken a tremendous hit on local MSMEs. As cases of the corona virus continues to add everyday, a strict observance of quarantine in the city has been implemented. Thus, preventing everyone to go out of their homes and forcing businesses to shut down its operations.

MSMEs take up most of the businesses in the country. They are second to the larger corporations in terms of employing the labor force nationwide. Additonally MSMEs also form a significant part of several sectors of the economy.

With everyone unprepared of what’s to come, some MSMEs have to rely on emergency funds to further aid their employees. Resorting to emergency funds might not even be a sustainable solution which in result for some to forcefully lay off their employees. 

Income has taken a slower drive since mostly everyone is confined within their houses. The usual customers that these MSMEs cater have taken a step back brought by the fear caused by the pandemic. Additionally, most consumers have even minimized their purchases to their essential needs only since some of them have also lost their jobs. 

Hence some MSMEs have to take innovative actions to continue the cash flow despite the global crisis. Without thinking of a backup plan, not only that their businesses will be affected but also the people who rely on them for income.

Shift to Online

Some local MSMEs have shifted to an online platform for their businesses as part of the innovative actions they have to take.  InstaKart, a davao city grocery delivery service, is a new online  shopping experience initiated by FAB Century Supermart.

This new davao online shopping business is an effort to further provide the essential needs of every household. Despite the supermarkets still being opened to the public, we can’t deny the fear equipped with going out even if you have your mask on. Some would even ask “Is there an online davao grocery delivery near me?” 

Hence, InstaKart was established to provide a shopping experience easily accessible online. This method of shopping erases the risk for shoppers to go out. At the comfort of your homes, you can just navigate through the website, order the items you wish to have, checkout, and wait for your items to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Win-win Situation

An online shopping experience takes both parties, the MSMEs and consumers, in advantageous position. One, consumers are able to help the MSMEs thrive and continue despite the crisis. Second, an online shopping experience helps consumers to be safe from contracting the virus. Third, such method of shopping also helps the city’s preventive measure to contain the virus. 

As the cases still rise, the only way for the businesses to continue the flow of cash is to shift to online. If we look at it, this online shift can even last at the end of 2020. Hopefully, consumers will opt for online purchasing. In this way, they are not just helping the MSMEs but they are also keeping themselves safe and be the carriers of the virus.