Three Lessons the Pandemic Taught Us

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“Billions of people are in lockdown unable to visit one another, unable to go to work, unable to attend school, unable to meet one another in public places. People around the world are in desperate straights, struggling at home, in care homes, and intensive care units, dying of the same cause, separated from their loved ones in their hours of need. At times of existential danger, we instinctively desire to be close to our family and friends, hold their hands and embrace them-- but now we are forbidden to do so. For every act of physical contact-every expression of physical loving-kindness, and compassion-could bring illness and death,” this is how Dennis Snower, the President of the Global Solutions Initiative, aptly described the global pandemic which changed our lives beyond recognition. 

In the midst of it all, Filipinos remain steadfast in building resiliency and innovativeness in the country. With the knowledge that we are all interdependent, that is, one cannot survive without the other, we chose to build and enhance platforms, share practices, and thrive together. With this, we are sharing three (3) important lessons we have learned from this pandemic:

  1. Work can be done at home.- According to a recent study from the Harvard Business School, working from home boosts productivity, reduces turnover, and lowers organizational costs while employees enjoy perks like flexibility and the lack of commute. It is most likely for us to get the job done efficiently since we are in our safe place.
  2. We can be disciplined.- When our safety is compromised, we do everything we can to prevent risking our lives and that of our loved ones. This led to many Filipinos diligently following rules implemented by the government like wearing masks at all times, only going out of the house when absolutely necessary, and even using the new normal online supermarket to lessen public interactions. 
  3. Social Distancing, Disinfecting, Groceries can be done online- Philippines prides itself as a land of innovators. With this, to guarantee safety, various Davao online grocery shops were advertised. To cap it all,  we have developed Instakart Davao, a  Davao online grocery platform with an organized and simple user interface to help your online shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.  Through online grocery and delivery, safety and quality will always be ensured. Instakart Davao does not only offer safety, but we also assure efficiency. 

In three months, we all have grown so much. But in the heart of it all, we still long for the calm.  In one way or another, we had to shift our focus to adjust and cope with all the changes happening around us. With the world turning upside down, it sheds light on a new way of seeing it. We, at Instakart Davao, with our wide array of choices from the kitchen, home, and self-care essentials,  are excited to see and explore it with you.