Three Reasons Why Moms Should Try Online Supermarkets

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Instakart DavaoThe global pandemic shed a different light on our roles. But most importantly-- to moms. With most of us staying at home, moms are the ones who make sure the house is clean, food is always prepared for us, and the pantry is full all while working at home too. Instead of going out to the market, the brick and mortar way, here are three reasons why moms should try online supermarket especially in this trying time:

  • Time Efficiency. 

With moms all around the globe balancing their roles as a mother and a diligent worker, staying at home with the family while having to meet deadlines at work may have blurred the line that separates the two. A 9:00 am deadline may seem overwhelming when you are preparing breakfast and you just realized there’s no more milk and eggs to use. In this time of crisis, running to the market or store for a quick run is no longer feasible. With the rising number of people getting infected with the virus, it is wiser to buy everything in bulk to reduce the number of times you may be exposing yourself to it. This is why the new normal online grocery and delivery was coined. With just a few clicks, everything you need will be delivered wight to your doorstep!  Time allotted for grocery shopping can now be used to spend more quality time with the kids. Now that you are staying at home, this is also a time to reconnect with them. Make the most out of this time to build more memories with them.

  • Practicality

But online supermarkets sell much more expensive products than physical stores, right? Wrong. As much as you enjoyed the discounts and freebies in brick and mortar stores, local online supermarkets and delivery offers all these too. In fact, here at Instakart Davao, we offer loads of discounts for you! For the whole month of June, in honor of Fathers out there, we have a discount on fresh pork meat- both pierna and belly, your family’s favorite parts no doubt. With various discounts available each month and not having to worry about the added expense of commuting via taxi for all your goods, think of how much you can save. 

  • Freshness of Products 

Buying at an online grocery near you ensures the freshness of products. With proper handling and sanitation for your safety, there is no need for you to worry anymore. Stocking up greens and meat in your pantry has never been this easy. With wide selections of fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, and processed products you are sure that the much-needed protein and vitamins for your family will be sustained. 

If the thought of ordering your groceries online seems a bit complicated for you,  you no longer have to worry. In Instakart Davao, we made sure to make it clean, organized, and user-friendly, it is so easy anybody can use it. With our products neatly categorized for your convenience and our same-day delivery service, your first online grocery shopping certainly won’t be your last. Hurry and grab our discounts for this month now! Our fresh pork belly, pork pierna, and live hito are discounted this month and you still have 2 days left to grab this deal. Get your money’s worth only here at Instakart Davao.