Tips and Tricks for Sari-Sari Owners Out There

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Sari-sari Store Near Me


A sari-sari store or a neighborhood sundry store is a convenience store found in the Philippines. Here, the owners can buy grocery commodities in bulk, then sell them in-store at a mark-up. Many smaller sari-sari store vendors establish their business with the primary purpose of augmenting their family income and providing a direct supply of household necessities as among the benefits of setting up shop. With this kind of set-up, it pays to have your own trusted online supermarket in Davao wherein you can simply shop what you. However, with the onset of the pandemic, sari sari stores had to adapt with the new normal too. In order to be extra safe, most now buy in an online grocery and delivery. With this in mind, Instakart also has bulk offers to make sure you have what you need! 

Convenience. With Instakart’s same day delivery, you can easily order what you need and you’ll have them in no time. We understand that going out of your houses will only lead to the possible exposure of the virus. To keep you safe, Instakart opted to bring everything you need online. From kitchen essentials, home care, all the way to fresh meat, we are simply a click away. 

Discounts and offers your way. Here’s an added bonus for you. Whenever you buy from us, we have little treats in store for you. The more you come back, the better these treats will be! So make sure to buy what you need through Instakart. We have you covered. 

Buy in  bulks so you can repack in smaller quantities. Some customers are used to buying in smaller pieces (tingi-tingi in local dialect) instead of standard sizes — she wants P5 cooking oil instead of the P60 1-liter pack. No wonder shampoo, powdered detergent, and powdered milk packaged in sachets and tipid packs are often found in neighborhood sari-sari stores. Some of these items can be repacked into smaller pieces so they can be sold cheaply. This includes P5 packs of soy sauce, garlic, or cooking oil. While pepper, garlic, and similar items are also sold prepacked in smaller pieces at supermarket dealers, your profit margins may become very small. A better option might be buying in bulk from your wholesaler like Instakart, instead of the supermarket to get better deals.

Ensures sari-sari store quality. As many of the items are fast-moving consumer goods, shelf life may also be limited. So make it a point to review the expiry date of the products you sell. Make sure that the first to arrive in your shop are also the first to be disposed of. With Instakart, you get to see each expiry date which in turn will make stacking your needs much easier. 

Selling basic needs of the neighborhood has never been this easy. Starting your neighborhood sari-sari store, if you have small capital money, say less than P10,000, your aim is not only to sell your goods but to sell them fast. One reason behind this is unless you did market research, you don’t know precisely what people nearby actually buy frequently. For example, if the store is located near the church, perhaps you can include candles and matches, and if in the middle of a subdivision, cellphone loading, canned milk, and laundry powder.

These are only some of the many more reasons why Instakart, your usual online supermarket near me,  is one of the best stores to buy what you need in bulk. Whether you have a big or small store, the difference solely lies to your supplier. So make sure to be wise about your choice today. Instakart is here to stay.