Tips for Better Grocery Shopping on Rainy Days

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Coronavirus made online shopping in Davao City and anywhere in the world to be honest, simpler and more convenient. Though its bad effects outweighs the good, this simply shows that innovation is the mother of solutions. Changes had to be done and most of us adapted to it fast. Thus, the vast improvement of the online platform in most industries. Among the ones that had to shift online is the retail industry. With more people staying at home due to lockdowns, a more convenient way of shopping had to be done. 

The cold monsoon is already here in the Philippines. With rainy afternoons coming our way, doing our usual routine may have to be altered, especially doing the grocery. To make this task a bit easier, we at Instakart, one of the best online stores in Davao City, rounded up tips on how to make rainy days convenient for you and the entire family. 

Stock up on your needs. Going out especially during the rainy season can be dangerous. The roads are slippery, some streets can be flooded, and let’s not forget: traffic is the worst when it rains. On rainy days, the safest and most practical option is to simply stay at home. With this in mind, make sure to stock up your pantry with at least a month long supply of basic staples. Not only will you be prepared for any unseen circumstances, it will also help you save money in the long run. Instakart is an online grocery and delivery that offers wholesale services too. So whenever you need Filipino snacks, packed juices, and dry goods to last for the monsoon season, simply head on to our website and order what you need. 

Bear in mind to serve warm, cozy meals for the family. This one does not have to cost too much. There are now instant soups you can make that are as healthy and tasty as the tedious ones. You can simply check out Instakart’s kitchen essentials category and you’ll be surprised with all the recipes you can whip from there. 

Focus your attention on the cheapest supermarkets. Let’s admit it. There are supermarkets that are much cheaper than the others and it pays to know about this. A one peso difference may not mean much but collectively, in all your needs, it may be a big stepback. For value for money products and essentials, checkout Instakart and our wide array of offers. Simply stay home and let us do the grocery runs for you. 

Know what not to buy. On rainy days, it is important to stick on the basic staples like rice, flour, canned goods, pasta, eggs, bread, etc. Stocking up on too much vegetables may just result in most of them wilting before you can get them on plate. Strategy and proper storage is what matters here. 

On where to shop in Davao City for your daily needs and favorites, Instakart, one of the best online stores in Davao has you covered. With online shopping in Instakart Davao, from breakfast staples, kitchen essentials, even all the way to your self-care needs, you want it, we got it. Happy shopping!