Top Recipes Dads Will Love

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The month of June is when we celebrate father’s day. A day for the people we fondly refer to as the “haligi ng tahanan” which roughly translates to  the foundation of a family. They are the ones who work day in and day out to make sure they can provide to  their family’s needs. What better way to express our gratitude to our Dads than a good hearty meal?

Here are some dishes which are a surefire hit among our tatays:

  • Bistek- According to Angela Dimayuga, creative director for food and culture at the Standard Hotels, “is a steak transformed by its encounter with soy sauce and citrus.” You  only have to sear the onions, add half a cup of water to make the pan flare up and add a little crisp to it, sautee the beef, add the citrus and soy sauce and voila, a simple hearty meal for the man of the house. The key to executing this dish properly is investing in quality ingredients. There are only a few elements but each one of them will be tasted. In order to make sure you deliver what is expected of the dish whilst considering the current pandemic, it will not hurt to find the best online supermarket in Davao City, one that will preferably deliver within the day.

  • Kare-Kare-  A classic filipino stew with a thick, rich, creamy peanut sauce. The vegetable components of the dish include string beans, eggplant, bok choy, and banana blossoms. All of these will be balanced by a lean, chunky piece of beef meat.  Since this dish requires a lot of ingredients,it is important to choose a trusted online sari-sari store in Davao City  which can deliver fresh and healthy produce right at your doorstep.

  • Lechon Kawali- A juicy, crispy,and tasty treat never fails. Lechon kawali is very simple to prepare. It only involves boiling the marinated pork belly  after which, deep-frying it to a boiling hot oil. With very few ingredients needed, it is important to make sure that a trusted online supermarket is at hand. 

  • Kinilaw- A raw seafood dish relying on its dressing to slightly cook the fish with cucumber, radish, and a dash of onion and ginger. The secret to a good kinilaw is a set of fresh ingredients. This will ensure that the crisp, tanginess, and freshness of the dish is present. A good online shopping in a supermarket  where you can get these quality ingredients at an affordable price should do the trick.

Indulging our loved ones in the middle of a pandemic is not as easy as we’d like it to be. But we always make things possible for the people we love. A good meal coupled with a quiet conversation is something we rarely had before. It is high time we enjoy these little gifts. To top it all off, having a reliable online supermarket is essential these days. It ensures our safety without compromising quality.

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