Unique Ways to Bond with the Family

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These days, everything can feel routinary. Wake up early to prepare breakfast for the family, work on deadlines, prepare lunch, work on deadlines once again, and then before you know it, it’s time for dinner already. We often exhaust ourselves too much that come weekend, when we were supposed to bond more with the kids, the only energy left is for cleaning the house and then sleeping for most part of the day. While this may feel completely normal and okay, the entire family, especially the kids must be bored to their senses. Bonding time doesn’t have to take too much from you. Sometimes, simply being in the moment is enough for everyone to have fun. So get up and make weekend chores more fun for the family!

Including kids in most parts of the process will not only let them have fun but will also be a huge part in their growth. No need to sit down and plan it all ahead. Simply do everything you have to do, this time, with the entire family. 

General house cleaning. Cleaning and disinfecting the house doesn’t have to be such a chore! Let the kids do the mopping, the husband wipe the upper shelves, while you make sure to disinfect high touched areas at the house like the doorknobs, chairs, and tables. Play music, keep talking with each other about your week, and dance to the beat and for sure the house will be squeaky clean in no time. There are disinfectants that are safe for children even when we use it so make sure to stack up on those. One that you can get is Lysol. Aside from it being safe, it is also the first scientifically proven disinfectant to kill coronavirus minutes after it has been applied to the surface. After the kids mop, let them rest for a while and serve them their favorite snacks. While you’re at it, make sure to disinfect every corner with chlorine  too. These days, it is important to fight covid-19 with all the proper gears. Wondering where to get your own set of disinfectants? Instakart offers disinfectant bundles complete with Lysol, chlorine, and zonrox! It is one of the few DTI registered online stores that has available disinfectants in Davao

Laundry time. After a bit of rest and a whole lot of snacks, involve the family in doing the laundry too. This way, the kids can see how meticulous the process of having their clothes cleaned is. They can even play with the bubbles while they’re at it. Let them run around and have fun while you make sure to disinfect the clothes too. Talk with your husband about his work or reminisce the first time you’ve done the chore together. It will be a long afternoon of laughter and fun for sure. 

Preparing dinner. After a long day, to complete the experience, let the kids help in preparing dinner too. A backyard steak out will be the perfect activity to cap off the day. Enjoy a marinated pork belly and sinugbang pusit, and eat to your heart’s content. 

To find the lowest prices in disinfectants and fresh meat in Davao City, simply head onto Instakart Davao. With all our offers, each weekend will be a one-of-a-kid bonding moment for the family. Don’t let being with each other everyday be a reason for a gap between you and the kids. Always reach out and always include them. After all, the little things are what matters the most. For today, stay home and stay safe. Grocery runs? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you.