Weighing In: Cook at Home or Order Delivery?

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We all love convenient food. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we go out to eat almost every day because it is proven to be instant and hassle-free. Especially when you’re working a 9 to 5 job and have no time for meal preparation whatsoever. Under the community quarantine, however, people have adapted to staying at home as the new default. As more restaurants temporarily close, cooking at home became the new normal. On a positive note, new food outlets and homegrown meal kits have popped out in the market offering ready to eat meal options available for delivery straight to your home.


Now, on almost three months under quarantine, we have adapted to the new ways of acquiring goods, and innovative supply logistics services has made it possible to have the best of both worlds all while at the comforts of our own home. Now the standing questions is—which is better during this quarantine? Cooking at home or ordering meals?


Health & Safety. Whether cooking at home or ordering meals, it is understood that the safest way to make your food-related purchases (or other purchases for that matter) is done through online stores and supermarkets. It has been a long standing assumption that cooking at home is healthier since take-outs are often loaded with preservatives and additives. However, home-cooked meals for delivery has also started popping out in the market which means slow-cooked, all-natural homemade meals are also made available for order. Cooking at home though, ensures control over the ingredients that goes into your meals which means it’s healthier if you want it to.


Convenience. Ordering meals is definitely more convenient anytime, anywhere. It’s hassle-free and needs no preparations unlike cooking at home. Without a doubt. If you’re working from home under the quarantine, ordering meals might be the best option for you or if you’re busy working on your quarantine projects.


Economical. They say that cooking at home is more economical as it costs less. However, if you’re working and is earning let’s say P200 an hour, using that one hour to prepare a dish (including the cleanup afterwards) which you can purchase for less than one-fourth of your hourly earnings, then it would be more economical to order it. It’s better to weigh in your opportunity costs as well for a wiser decision.


Fun. They say cooking at home is more fun as preparing meals are also a bonding opportunity with your friends and your families. However, there is also fun in ordering meal kits and exploring new recipes and foods with the same people. It is only a matter of your mutual liking for cooking or for exploring flavors and food options with the people you’re going to have a meal with.


Whether it’s cooking at home or ordering a meal, always go for safer means in acquiring them such as ordering through Davao online store and supermarkets like Instakart. Enjoy local shopping supermarket in Davao in the safety of your home!